November 10, 2019

Guangdong Home Network reported today: the home building materials industry integrated e-commerce, the future development of morale all the way up. China's residential decoration is trillions of dollars per year, but the penetration rate of e-commerce is significantly lower

November 10, 2019

[] The initial strength of Al2O3 specimens is high ($t = 0), and the intensity drops rapidly once it approaches the critical temperature difference. Although the initial strength of the sample after the addition of zirconia decreased, the critical temperature difference increased with the

November 09, 2019

Although the concept of smart home has been promoted in China for six or seven years, it is still a new market. At present, its manufacturers are mainly concentrated in such economically developed areas as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing. If they use a smart home in the full sen

November 08, 2019

Abstract China's first EDM machine tool was born in 1954. The dm5540 electric pulse machine developed successfully in 1958 has the advantages of high efficiency and low electrode loss, and thus began the period of electroforming machine tool entering mold processing. "Steel hit... C

November 06, 2019

The three-day 2014 China (Jiangmen) Green Light Source Expo ended on the day before the Wuyi Overseas Chinese Plaza. The organizing committee yesterday notified the exhibition and negotiation of the Expo. According to the incomplete statistics of the organizing committee, this

November 06, 2019

【ALUMINIUM NETWORK】With the increase of calcination temperature, the main crystal phase of calcium hexaaluminate lattice has been distorted to a certain degree in the calcium hexaaluminate material, and the lattice energy of calcium hexaaluminate lattice distortion has increased. The

November 05, 2019

On-site installation and commissioning of the hoisting machine After the arrival of the equipment, the equipment is scheduled to be repaired on the day of the month. During the overhaul, special attention must be paid to the installation quality of the head and tail wheel. Some details of the in