The furniture industry enters the era of branding

April 13, 2020

Throughout the furniture industry, the furniture industry has fully entered the stage of branding. Branding means quality and more responsibility. For the furniture industry to develop higher and better, a low-carbon road is imperative. Faced with the development and changes of the furniture industry, furniture companies must carefully discover consumer needs, serve consumers on a down-to-earth basis, and vigorously advocate low-carbon furniture from the essence of furniture products. Facing low-carbon life, furniture companies should pay attention to the following points.

1. Environmental protection is a prerequisite

The topic of environmental protection is familiar in the furniture industry, but it is really rare. The formaldehyde incident is happening one after another in people's lives. In the report of carcinogens issued by the US Department of Health and Public Utilities QA and the Public Health Bureau, formaldehyde is included as a class of carcinogens. Similarly, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has raised formaldehyde to the first category of carcinogens in 2004. This conclusion was drawn after 26 scientists from 10 countries evaluated the existing carcinogenic evidence of formaldehyde. The expert group believes that there is sufficient evidence to prove that formaldehyde can cause nasopharyngeal cancer, nasal cavity cancer and sinus cancer in humans, and there is evidence that formaldehyde can cause leukemia. Consumers need healthy and environmentally friendly furniture to guarantee life, but what is healthy and environmentally friendly furniture? Melaleuca Furniture believes that the material of healthy furniture should be an environmentally friendly material, with natural degradation, without polluting the environment and recycling The characteristic of utilization is a new type of material that is green, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and high-tech. From the selection of furniture raw materials to the improvement of processing technology to the management of the production system, we must implement it in place. Furniture environmental protection must be done well in order to say that we have entered the threshold of low-carbon life.

Second, innovation is the bright spot

From the beginning, the furniture industry has been calling for innovation. Throughout the development of the furniture industry, we have indeed seen a lot of innovations, but these innovations are basically innovations in style design and style. With the advent of low-carbon economy, the furniture industry must innovate through more channels to adapt to the future industrial development trend. Raw materials can try to innovate and allow a variety of materials to be integrated, such as solid wood and metal, plastic, glass, fiber, etc., to reduce the harvesting cycle of solid wood materials and expand the green area. The process can try to innovate, and improve the processing efficiency and per capita output value by increasing the technological content of the processing equipment, which can reduce the production cycle and save energy consumption, so as to achieve the goal of recycling low-carbon life.

3. Energy saving is the goal

Another aspect of low-carbon is energy conservation. At present, industrial processing is not in-depth, management is relatively extensive, and capacity efficiency needs to be improved. The first material in the furniture industry is wood. In view of the current situation, we have to carry out deep processing of furniture, speed up the improvement of technology, and transform the extensive management method into an intensive management method. Only in this way can we contribute to the goal of a low-carbon life. Here, we take the elephant furniture sold by Melaleuca Furniture as an example. Fang Deming, the general manager of Elephant Furniture, said that Elephant Furniture uses a ton of recycled honeycomb paper material, which can replace 30-50 cubic meters of wood, greatly reducing the use of wood and protecting the ever-decreasing forest resources. Reduce the high cost of importing large quantities of wood from China. In addition, the employees of Elephant Furniture will also use water and electricity to save their lives. As a basic criterion for their work, Elephant Furniture has begun to enter a low-carbon life.

With the Copenhagen Conference, "low carbon" has become a topic of common concern for all walks of life. Low carbon, environmental protection, and energy saving have become common keywords for furniture companies. Low carbon is an attitude to life and a responsibility to life. We must make every effort to make every bit of our lives so that we can become a low-carbon benefit member. Low-carbon life, let us work together.

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