In 2010, the projects of over 100 million yuan and over 10 million yuan started collectively

April 13, 2020

On May 8th, our county solemnly held the collective start-up ceremony of 2010 projects with a value of over 60 million yuan and 200 projects with a value of over 10 million yuan. In the groundbreaking ceremony, a main venue and 10 branch venues were set up. A total of 60 projects with more than 100 million yuan and 200 projects with more than 10 million yuan were collectively started construction, with a planned total investment of 39.045 billion yuan.
As one of the branch venues, Xianghe Modern Industrial Park was chaired by Comrade Han Qi, Secretary of the Working Committee of the Park and Director of the Management Committee. Liu Yonghong, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Minister of Armed Forces, and Zou Fu, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC County, participated in the collective groundbreaking ceremony of the park.
Minister Liu delivered an enthusiastic speech, fully affirming the huge role played by the park in the three-step strategy of the county, especially the investment and project construction results of the park over the past year, and pointed out that the park should further consolidate the development results and build on the project In order to rely on, enhance development stamina and strive for greater victory. Comrade Wang Qiang, executive deputy director of the park management committee, gave a brief introduction to the project at the groundbreaking ceremony.
The projects that participated in the collective groundbreaking ceremony included the overall kitchen project of Guangdong Del Electric Co., Ltd., ant glass and float glass of Beijing Jinxiu Future Glass Co., Ltd., high and low voltage power distribution cabinet and rare earth of Beijing Songdao Lingdian Equipment Co., Ltd. A total of 12 energy-saving lamp projects and military pressure vessel projects of Beijing Dongfang Lvda Technology Development Co. , Ltd. have invested more than 100 million yuan, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan. After the project is completed, it will create more than 1,000 jobs and play a huge role. Economic and social benefits.

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