China's furniture industry has entered a golden development period

April 13, 2020


   Operation: The situation this year will be better than last year

  Since last year, despite the impact of the international financial crisis, the furniture industry has suffered greatly . However, under the guidance of the central government's policy of maintaining growth, expanding domestic demand, and adjusting the structure, and with the joint efforts of the entire industry, the furniture industry has overcome all kinds of difficulties, production has grown steadily, structural adjustment has achieved initial results, and economic benefits have improved significantly. Further expand. According to the statistics of China Household Information Center, the total industrial output value of enterprises above designated size in China reached 340.9 billion yuan in 2009 , a year-on-year increase of 13.5% . The total output value of the entire industry is about 730 billion yuan. The first quarter of this year was a good start, with exports up 26% year-on-year .

    At present, the operation of the furniture industry has the following characteristics: First, it is more difficult for export enterprises. From the point of view of above-scale enterprises, mainly to the domestic brands good momentum of development, export-oriented enterprises, especially large enterprises mainly exported to Europe difficult, individual companies decline is relatively large, there is no brand of SMEs It was more difficult, and a batch was poured last year, but the amount was not very large. The second is that the development of various regions is not balanced. Zhejiang, Shandong, Hebei, Beijing and Sichuan have developed rapidly, and private enterprises in Guangdong have also developed rapidly. In addition our industrial transfer speed obviously accelerated the fastest growing in several regions --- Henan, Jiangxi, Anhui exports have more than doubled. This was transferred from Guangdong to these places. The northeast region is not developing fast, and the development in other places is also relatively slow. The third is to adjust the structure to promote transformation and achieve results. In the face of the financial crisis, the majority of enterprises continue to adjust their structure, improve quality, increase variety, and promote industrial upgrading. In addition, enterprises have strengthened management and reduced costs, so the efficiency of enterprises has improved significantly.

  At present, there are several problems in the development of the industry. The first is uneven product quality, insufficient high-end products, overcapacity of low-end and mid-range products, and fierce competition. The second is blind development. Furniture is regarded as a key pillar industry in many places. This is of course good, but there are also repeated construction problems. Third, the international situation is unclear and exports are still more difficult. Fourth, overall, management is relatively extensive and labor productivity is low.

  This year is the last year for the implementation of the " Eleventh Five-Year Plan " and the most complicated year at home and abroad. Increased costs and difficulty in recruiting workers will cause enterprises to face great pressure, and the uncertainty of exchange rate also brings great difficulties to the industry. But overall, the situation this year will be better than last year.

    Trend: entering the golden development period

  I think the furniture industry is an evergreen industry, a sustainable industry, and an industry that enriches the people.

  At present, our country is still in the middle stage of industrialization, and the urbanization rate is still relatively low. If we want to reach the level of medium-developed countries, there are still 20 years to go. I think these 20 years are also the steady development of China's furniture industry. 20 years is a golden development period for the furniture industry. If we are mainly focusing on volume expansion in the first 20 years, then we will mainly focus on quality improvement in the next 20 years. Everyone must seize the golden opportunity period, because the national economy is moving forward at a rate of 8% , and a lot of furniture is required. If the GDP growth rate is 8% , the growth rate of the furniture industry will be about 15% . Keep this rate To coordinate.

    From the perspective of the international market, although there are still many uncertain factors, I think that Chinese furniture with good quality and low price will still be welcomed by the people of the world, so exports will grow steadily, but the increase will not be very large.

  Another development trend is that our industry may continue to shift from north to midwest, which will also make our overall industry layout more reasonable.

   Recommendation: Actively promote industrial upgrading

   Several industry development suggestions:

  First, we must study strategies carefully and study our development strategies in accordance with the requirements of the scientific development concept. I think big companies and brand companies should make a fuss about how to become bigger and stronger. We now have a lot of branded enterprises, but there are not really many companies with relatively strong comprehensive strength. I think that in another five to ten years, a group of our branded enterprises will further develop and grow. Small and medium-sized enterprises should be specialized and specialized, and they should make good alliances with large enterprises, or form strategic cooperation alliances with large brand enterprises. Some of our export enterprises have to do both domestic and foreign sales.

  Second, we must strengthen scientific and technological work, strengthen product design and development, increase the variety of colors, and promote industrial upgrading. It should be said that furniture is now colorful, but our real high-tech things are not many, and there is a clear gap with foreign countries. In addition, how to meet the needs of different people in the variety of furniture , the field of research is still very wide, for example, there are more children's furniture, but there is no furniture for the elderly.

  Third, we must strengthen the construction of special regions and industrial clusters, improve the industrial chain, and strengthen specialized production and cooperation.

  Fourth, the sales model of furniture should be innovative. We are now focusing on the sales model of Furniture City. I hope that everyone will innovate in the future development stage, and sales companies will actively explore new models, such as the establishment of online sales independent stores. The sales model of industrial clusters should also be discussed.

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