The new trend of the enterprise is the new direction of furniture

April 13, 2020

Quanyou Furniture released new products and launched a new brand strategy

June 3, 2010, Chinese furniture industry leader in all Friends of the furniture brand, held a theme of "dream home happy bloom" strategy of brand new conference at the famous Great Wall Commune. At the meeting, Quanyou Furniture proposed the new brand slogan " Home Life Dream Workshop " and adopted a new brand appeal- " Happy Home Dream " to integrate consumers' pursuit of happiness into a better home life. It opened the curtain for Chinese furniture companies to go international and realize the strategic deployment of " world-class home furnishing enterprises " .

    The Pearl of the Palm opens the " Era of Low-Carbon Furniture " with the concept of environmental protection

    Whether it is an in-depth cooperation with Bayer Technology or the introduction of super-first-class furniture production equipment from Germany, Palm Pearl will focus on the industry's attention with practical actions, and also explain the new furniture concept of " environmental protection and low carbon " to all household consumers . In the primary market, Pocket Pearl established a branch company and introduced talents, supporting related logistics, and improving the furniture sales structure. The secondary and tertiary markets are still the " center position " that Pocket Pearl is currently vigorously consolidating .

     With all his heart, Emperor Biao wants to be a sofa " tycoon "

     Zheng Hongxin, the chairman of Dibiao Home Furnishing, said that starting this year, Dibiao started to increase its publicity on the basis of the establishment of mature network channels and brand internal strength, not only investing 5 million in CCTV , but also in the 11th this year. At the Chengdu International Home Furnishing Exhibition, a hugely attractive exhibition space was invested to build up an " Emperor Standard " fever across the country . It is worth mentioning that at present the Emperor Biao's headquarters in Sichuan is working overtime to carry out a special plan. A home model showroom with creative ideas at the forefront of the country will unveil its mystery in Chengdu Longquan in early July.

    Good Scenery turned around with Li Jiaxin's " elegance "

    After last year Reis hand in hand, good scenery home and not just stop endorsement, Wang Zisong repeatedly said, "In fact, we have a series of brand operation planning, invited Ms. Michelle Reis endorsement is just an important part." This year, for the good scenery The new positioning and upgrade of Ya Life also confirmed this. In line with the theme of " elegant life " , Good Scenery will push new products while expanding its production capacity this year.


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