Analysis: The ultra-low threshold of Chinese cabinet designers

April 13, 2020

The "cabinet designer" with a very low threshold

Are cabinet designers really so good? Not too! In fact, there are currently two types of cabinet designers: one is a person who specializes in the design and development of new cabinet products, that is, a real cabinet product designer; the other is a shop that is hired to tailor-made for the owner, based on the original product. The people who modify and adjust according to the needs of the owners and draw the renderings of the kitchen space are more likely to be salespersons. It is this designer who recruits on the Internet with a low threshold.

When does the spring of Chinese cabinet design come?

Li Guohua, secretary general of the Cabinet Professional Committee of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Furniture Decoration Industry Association, analyzed this phenomenon and said that most of the cabinet enterprises now evolved from small furniture workshops, and they did not pay enough attention to design. The cabinet itself has certain limitations. The combination of the cabinet body, door panel, and hardware can produce relatively few changes, and the material is not as diverse as furniture such as sofas. Therefore, as long as you have a basic knowledge and a little inspiration for the design, You can engage in simple cabinet design work. In addition, most of the cabinets on the market are semi-finished products. They are often customized according to the requirements of the owner. The demand for the number of designers is too large, and the talent standards have to be relaxed.

"Of course, this is also related to the lack of professional learning and training. At present, there are no majors such as cabinet design in colleges and universities. Designers are halfway out and trained in enterprises. This low threshold can attract more interested people. Entering this industry development has its positive side. "Li Guohua said.

Some people in the industry admit that this is a confusion of concepts. At present, there are basically no cabinet designers in the strict sense in China. The lower-middle-level designers bear the designer's name, their basic quality is not high, and they don't know much about the cabinets. They lack the system's ability to conceive and create. They will simply imitate and modify, and only act as a draftsman.

Serious "sequelae" look forward to education and time to solve

There is a serious shortage of professional product designers, and the quality of ordinary designers is too low. The "sequelae" is the unsatisfactory market situation. Especially now that the overall kitchen concept is becoming more and more popular, the cabinet no longer exists as a separate product, but an important element constituting the kitchen space. It is not an easy task for designers to arrange cabinets, kitchenware and kitchen appliances in a reasonable layout according to shape, size and usage requirements, and take into account the user's height and shape, color preferences, cultural cultivation, cooking habits, etc. The weakness of design strength and loopholes are even more obvious.

In 2008, the "Europe Cup" China Kitchen Space Design Competition, sponsored by the Cabinetry Committee of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Furniture Decoration Industry Chamber of Commerce, received considerable attention in the industry. The positioning of the competition is "kitchen space design", which not only includes cabinet product design, but also tests the contestants' ability in space planning. Therefore, in addition to designers in the cabinet industry, the organizers also actively encourage interior designers to participate in the competition.

The event itself is very meaningful, but although it is the third year of the competition, the author learned from several judges and experts that only a few designs reflect professionalism and creativity, and most of the entries are on the surface. Lack of in-depth thinking and full control. Jiang Li, director of the product professional teaching and research section of the Design Academy of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, mentioned that at present, most small and medium-sized families in China need designers to think more about how to do more design in a limited space, and the participating works are too similar to Western-style large-scale And luxury; Lin Wenge, the design director of Shenzhen Wenge Interior Design Co., Ltd. pointed out that some designers lack a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of the kitchen space, and the product and space atmosphere are disconnected; In pursuit of visual effects, insufficient consideration of humanity reflects the lack of knowledge in ergonomics, ergonomics, and engineering materials.

Fortunately, although it is not ideal, compared with the previous two years, this entry has made significant progress, especially in terms of environmental protection, ecology, energy saving, etc., the designer's concept has begun to change. Tian Wanliang, Secretary-General of the Information Advisory Committee of the China Building Decoration Association, told the author that the purpose of the design competition to promote design talents to pay attention to people's lives is reflected here. This is a good momentum. Rome was not built in a day. time.

He Renke, the dean of the School of Design and Art of Hunan University, emphasized that it is imminent to strengthen design education. Colleges and society should provide designers with more opportunities for self-charging. Designers should also learn more consciously-not superficial copying Copy it, but seriously study it to learn its essence. "Openyoureyes! Look more at international trends and international advanced design experience for my use, which is the most important.

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