Uncovering the mystery of furniture sheet environmental protection

April 15, 2020

What do you care most about buying panel furniture? The overwhelming majority of answers are environmental protection, and among them, the environmental protection performance of plates is the most valued by everyone. Therefore, in almost all panel furniture exhibition halls, we can get the same answer, "We use environmentally friendly plates from Lushuihe", or "EGG is environmentally friendly plates that meet European environmental standards and exceed the national standard." However, they are also called "environmentally friendly plates". What is the difference? How to distinguish? The same product uses domestic and imported plates, how to understand the price difference?

● Market Scanning ●

The salesman said: the price difference of imported boards of the same type of furniture made in China is up to 80%

Use effect "almost"

Maybe some consumers don't know yet, when buying panel furniture, many brands can choose to use domestic plates or imported plates to manufacture the same type of furniture. The most intuitive difference between the two types of plates is the formaldehyde content. Generally, the formaldehyde limit grade of domestic plates is E1 (E1≤1.5mg / L), and the formaldehyde limit grade of imported plates (using German EGGER as an example) can reach E0. Grade (E0≤0.5mg / L) or super E0 grade.

On the fourth floor of Red Star Macalline, Dongsihuan, several well-known domestic panel furniture brands were gathered on the fourth floor. During the interview, when we were asked about the price difference between using domestic Lushuihe panels and imported EGGER panels or Odson panels for the same wardrobe, we got the answer Yes, wardrobes that use imported panels are 40% to 80% more expensive than domestic ones. In the face of price differences, almost all shopping guides of brands said that high environmental performance, low formaldehyde content and low emissions are the reasons for the expensive furniture using imported plates. But when asked about the difference between the use of the same wardrobe made of domestic and imported plates, whether the price difference is equivalent to the environmental performance, only one shopping guide said that "when using imported plates, you can stay directly and buy "The domestic board needs to smell for a month", and most shopping guides said, "There is not much difference", and even a shopping guide said, "The environmental protection of the plates is different, but they are all up to the standard. As for the furniture After that, there is no difference. "

● Questions and answers ●

Insiders: Imported sheet is indeed more environmentally friendly

It is reasonable that the price difference of finished furniture is 30% -50%

In response to the saying "there is no difference between furniture made with domestic and imported plates" given by shopping guides, Yi Feng furniture chairman Wen Shiquan said that because plate furniture using domestic plates is relatively cheap, the purchase of plate furniture is positioned Relatively low-end, so it is not ruled out that some sales staff make this statement in order to compete for performance. However, Wen Shiquan also called for the need for panel furniture to improve its environmental performance. As for the panel itself, imported panels are made of fresh logs and single tree species, with less glue and less formaldehyde content. The domestically produced plates have not yet reached the E0 level standard, "so, from the user's point of view, panel furniture should continue to improve their environmental protection capabilities, and domestically produced plates should continue to improve environmental performance."

In addition, with regard to the price difference of the same product made of two plates, Wen Shiquan said that it is reasonable that finished furniture using imported plates is 30-50% more expensive than using domestic plates. Those furniture that use less materials and are simple in shape, A price difference of about 30% is acceptable; for products such as wardrobes with a lot of materials and complicated shapes, the price difference of about 50% is also reasonable, and consumers can consider it when purchasing. This article / Li Dan

Photo / Feimei Furniture

● Expert Tips ●

Home environmental protection sheet matters

Furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, wooden doors, environmental protection professionals are worried about the soaring use of home improvement panels. The environmental protection performance of boards and home products made from boards on the market is uneven, which brings hidden concerns for consumers' home health. Since plates are indispensable in life, we must strictly control the entry of low-quality plates into the house, and block harmful substances such as formaldehyde that harm the human body from the door.

Identify the plate and smell it twice

How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of environmental protection performance of sheet metal? Zhou Kaijun, general manager of Feimei Furniture, said, "Taste is not the only criterion, but it is the most intuitive. When consumers choose panel furniture, it is best to open the drawer of the furniture to smell it and check for irritating smell. For furniture such as a chest of drawers, you can open several layers of drawers to see if you can put fruit and other scentable things in it as one of the criteria for judging whether you can accept this furniture. "

In addition, Zhou Kaijun reminded that the boards with higher environmental protection performance must have less glue content. Two boards with the same load-bearing capacity, the more environmentally friendly must be the one with the same tree species, the larger board particles, and the lighter ones. Larger and larger contact area, relatively less glue is used. Under the same premise, consumers can also smell the taste of the board. The heavy piece should have an unpleasant irritating smell, while the lighter piece should have more of the log itself.

In response to the price difference between imported E0 grade and super E0 grade plates and domestic E1 grade plates, Zhou Kaijun said that the environmental protection performance of the plate made by the combination of tree species, rubber species, equipment and environmental protection parameters is the biggest reason for the price difference, and consumption Those who are already willing to pay for these differences, 30% to 40% of the price difference is more reasonable.

Use different plates according to space loading

The high environmental performance can not be used endlessly. The environmental performance is slightly worse, and it does not mean that it will affect health. This involves the space loading of formaldehyde and other pollutants. According to some data, it is advisable to use no more than 20 (1.22m × 2.44m) E1 grade sheets per 100 square meters of space, but these data have specific calculation premises. Therefore, the engineering customer service director of Yezhifeng Decoration Group Qian Lianshan said that when buying furniture or selecting plates, consumers should consider the amount of space, paint usage, furniture usage, and fabric decoration. The more materials used, the better the environmental performance of each material. The stricter it needs to be.

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