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April 15, 2020

500,000 square meters of exhibition area, 2,700 exhibitors, two exhibitions, seven themes (civil furniture, furniture accessories / supplies, home textiles, outdoor and leisure, ceramics, woodworking machinery and ingredients, office environment), more than 100,000 Professional audience ... This series of numbers implies the unlimited business opportunities and possibilities for the Chinese furniture industry in March 2010 at the China International Furniture Fair in Guangzhou. China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Furniture Fair), as the best furniture trading platform in Asia, has formed an industry influence and appeal that is difficult to surpass in the development of many years. The continuous success of the exhibition witnessed the rise of the leading furniture trade fair in China, and also encouraged it to continuously improve, seek breakthroughs, and accelerate its pace towards the world's top furniture industry platform.
In March 2009, in the face of the challenges of the global financial crisis, Guangzhou Furniture Fair took the initiative to respond quickly, consolidate overseas markets on one hand, and expand domestic sales channels on the other hand, to overcome difficulties with the industry. At the time when many furniture exhibition projects have shrunk or even fallen, Guangzhou Furniture Fair is still actively participating with two exhibitions, seven major issues, a huge exhibition scale of 500,000 square meters, 2,621 exhibitors and 136,310 professional visitors from home and abroad. Created the legend of the exhibition brand. Because of the remarkable achievements in the past, when the spring breeze of the economic recovery began and the dawn of the industry appeared, the upcoming 25th China Guangzhou International Furniture Expo became the most important furniture event in the industry in 2010.
March · Guangzhou seizes unlimited business opportunities? ? Enriching themes to connect the industrial chain For 12 years, Guangzhou Furniture Fair has always been committed to creating the most valuable trading platform for the furniture and home furnishing industry, providing the industry with the most extensive cooperation and trade space. In the development process, Guangzhou Furniture Fair gradually enriched the theme of the exhibition and formed three leading brands-China Guangzhou International Furniture Expo-Civil Furniture Exhibition, China Guangzhou International Furniture Expo-Office Environment Exhibition, China Guangzhou International Woodworking Machinery, Furniture Ingredients Exhibition ; Four professional exhibitions-China Guangzhou International Home Furnishings / Supplies Exhibition, China (Guangzhou) International Home Textiles and Accessories Expo, China Guangzhou International Outdoor and Leisure Exhibition, China Guangzhou International Ceramics Exhibition. The seven major themes almost cover the upstream and downstream industries of the furniture industry chain, and also provide participants with a true "one-stop" trading experience. Driven by the overall brand, professional exhibitions under Guangzhou Furniture Fair have also been fully developed, and they have explored and created a growth route suitable for their own characteristics, forming a certain industry influence and exhibition characteristics. China Guangzhou International Home Furnishings / Supplies Exhibition has shown a strong growth momentum in the development trend of soft decoration. Not only the exhibition area and the number of exhibitors have increased year by year, but the scope of exhibition exhibits has also been constantly enriched: lighting companies have actively participated, and various home lightings "Appearance; ceramics and picture frame jewelry will show the charm of exquisite home furnishing ... At the same time, the increasing influence of the region and the active participation of companies from all over the world have made China Guangzhou International Home Furnishings / Supplies Exhibition in a short time. Ranked among the forefront of brand exhibitions in the home accessories industry.

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