50 Questions on Community Security Prevention (1)

April 22, 2020

1. How do families choose anti-theft windows and doors?

Security doors produced by regular manufacturers who must hold a certificate from the public security department should never be made on the street. When installing, the security door should be installed in the door hole as much as possible without putting effort on the crowbar. Pay attention to whether the door frame and door body are firm and whether the door gap is sealed.

2. How do families choose anti-theft windows?

Pay attention to material thickness and strength when selecting materials. Never install ultra-wall guardrails. The balcony guardrail must be locked when no one is at home.

3. How to prevent theft if no one in the house?

Valuables and cash should be stored in inconspicuous places and at home to avoid storing large amounts of cash. Passbooks should be stored separately from ID cards or other documents (close the door easily). Lock anti-theft doors and anti-theft windows. Pay special attention to the windows and vents in the kitchen and toilets. , Whether the air conditioning port is strict.

4. How to prevent theft when sleeping at night?

Close the doors and windows, anti-theft doors, and pay attention to the closed windows of the kitchen, toilets, and balconies. Residents below the fourth floor should never sleep in windows that are easy to climb. Valuables and clothing should be kept away from the window. Hook theft.

5. What should I do if the door lock cannot be opened?

If the door cannot be unlocked, dial 110 in a timely manner, and 110 will contact a dedicated unlocking master. The cost of unlocking is generally about 30 yuan, and the high-grade anti-theft door is about 50 yuan. Do n’t look for unjust unlockers posted on the street to prevent them from colluding with criminals and turning back to steal.

6. How to prevent home theft?
Register and verify the construction personnel's ID card, keep a copy, and minimize the exposure of family property. After the decoration, replace the door locks in time to prevent the criminals from taking the opportunity to steal. Especially when the elderly, women and children are alone at home, do not let them in. To the construction personnel who once renovated to go to the door again, we must be vigilant to prevent the occurrence of illegal acts.

7. How does house electricity prevent theft?

A telephone anti-theft device can be purchased. After installation, if someone picks up the phone outdoors, an alarm tone will sound, making it impossible to answer and make calls. When signs of theft are found, they should contact the telecommunications department in time.

8. How to prevent theft of bicycles?

Bicycles should be stored in a parking place under special supervision, and tickets should be requested; leave the car and lock it, take away the keys and the contents of the basket.

9. How to prevent theft of motor vehicles?

Motor vehicles should be parked in places where they are supervised as much as possible. They should be located in locations that are difficult for criminals to access or inconvenient to commit crime. In the garage and the compound courtyard, do not park indiscriminately. Vehicles should be equipped with anti-theft locks or anti-theft alarms. Do not borrow vehicles casually to prevent others from stealing the car keys.

10. How to prevent pickpocketing by bus?

â‘  Don't just put the backpack behind you when you get in the car, it is best to hold the mobile phone in your hand;
â‘¡The bag should be placed on the chest or carried very low in the car, try not to stay away from the line of sight.
â‘¢ When the car is crowded, try not to open the suit or jacket, and keep the pocket of the wallet fastened.
â‘£Ms. Do not put wallets, cash, mobile phones, etc. in transparent or thin bags, beware of being cut.
⑤ It is best not to open the bag in the car to expose money.
â‘¥ Whenever you are crowded around, you should be especially vigilant and pay attention to the actions of those around you.
⑦By taking a long-distance bus, the bag placed on the frame should be locked with a lock, and the cash should be carried with you.

11. How to prevent theft in public?

â‘  Don't fool money in public.
â‘¡ Put the ticket holder inside the bag and put the bag in front of your body.
â‘¢ When entering the supermarket, do not put the bags in the basket.
â‘£Do not hang valuables on the back of the chair when eating.
⑤During entertainment, do not leave valuables, let alone entrust others to look at the items you carry, and do not smoke strangers' cigarettes, food and beverages.

12. How to prevent theft in the car?

â‘  When you leave after parking, you must develop the habit of locking the door, and you should carry valuables such as handbags with you in the car;
â‘¡ Before starting the vehicle, first check whether there are any spikes under the wheels;
â‘¢ Just started, someone shouted: "Your wheel is leaking", be careful that someone sets a trap: one person will lead you out of the car, and your partner will take the opportunity to steal the bag.

13. How to identify pickpockets?

â‘  Look at the look. When pickpockets look for burglary targets, they always look at customers' pockets, bags, backpacks, special attention to foreigners, women, middle-aged and elderly people. After selecting the target, they generally look around and start quickly if no one else pays attention Mental nervousness, often with straight eyes, daze, red and white when looking at the face.
â‘¡Behavior. Pickpockets often move around in the crowd when they choose to invade the target. After selecting the target, they bite tightly and follow closely. When the crowd is crowded or the body shakes, they use their arms and hands to test the pocket of the "target".
â‘¢ Know your clothes. Most pickpockets wear their clothes, or have long hair, bald head, or frivolous flow. Those who commit crimes in groups of three to five often have similar clothes. A few ordinary people dressed in plain clothes are old pickpockets.
â‘£Listen to the language. In order to facilitate communication between pickpockets, they often use "black words" and implicit words. They refer to the bag as "back shell" and "find time"; they call each other "artisans" and "fitters"; they call the car thieves "get on the car to find time"; they call the top pocket "skylight"; the bottom pocket calls "Platform"; trouser pockets are called "authentic"; women's trouser pockets are called "two clip skins" and so on.
⑤ Watch the action. When pickpockets commit crimes, they generally take advantage of the opportunity of vehicle body movement or crowding of passengers (customers) to cling to the body of the stolen object, use others or associates as cover or cover with their own arms, handbags, clothes, books, etc. The sight of the stolen object, after succeeding in the crime, left the owner, and fled the scene as soon as possible. Some pickpockets found the investigator following, and made an "eight" gesture or touched the upper lip beard, implying that the accomplice stopped the crime.

14. How does the "Little Devil" head?

â‘ Do not open the door casually. Children are at home alone, keeping in mind that the portal is the most important line of defense in the home and cannot be easily opened. If a stranger knocks on the door, try to refuse it as politely as possible, but ask him to wait until his parents come back.
â‘¡ Remember the parents' phone. Children should remember the number for contacting their parents. You can paste the number next to the phone or write it on the paper. The communication tool at home should be used correctly by children. It is best to develop the habit of regularly contacting parents.
â‘¢Learn how to call the police. 110 is the child's patron saint. A dozen of 110, the police uncle arrived immediately. Don't be nervous when dialing 110. Speak clearly. Try to speak Mandarin as much as possible. Make clear the name, location, and cause.
④Beware of strange calls. "Hey, may I ask who you are looking for?" "Is your dad at home?" "Who are you?" "You don't know who I am?" "Are you at home alone?" Children at home face this Strange tentative phone calls should be vigilant. You can pretend to let adults listen or hang up the phone on the pretext of misuse. Do n’t disclose the situation of being alone at home. At the same time, you should inform your parents immediately.
⑤Familiar with the family environment. Parents should familiarize their children with their family environment and design a safe escape route or hide place for them when they are in danger. For example, let the child know which room has a phone to call the police, which room has a door lock to avoid, which room's window faces the street can call for passers-by, etc.

15. What should I do if I encounter a packet loss trap on the street?

You may encounter this situation in your life. One "throws" a bag "inadvertently" in front of you. The lost bag is often filled with fake banknotes and fake gold jewelry. Another person comes forward and pretends to be found with you. Lost bags require you to distribute what you have picked up, and use rhetoric to make you get the most, but ask you to take out your money or wear gold jewelry to mortgage, then please do n’t be greedy for small gains, make you foolish, you should pick up Sending things to the police station or calling 110 to call the police is your first choice. If possible, stabilize the scammers, so that the public security organs can crack down on crimes.

16. What should I do if I encounter frauds of fake gold and fake drugs?

Scammers often use fake gold ingots, fake herbs and electronic parts, and fake stamps to say that they are eager to spend money at home, hoping to sell them at a low price, and then arrange for some "media" fake purchases. If you can't judge the authenticity of the goods, Don't buy it easily.

17. What if someone meets you to exchange RMB with foreign currency?

Foreign currency exchange should be handled at the designated bank. If you encounter someone who wants to exchange it with you, it is best not to ignore these people if you can't tell what currency and authenticity they are, so as not to be fooled.

18. What should I do if you meet a passionate fellow traveler and ask you to have a meal together?

Don't be fooled by others' kindness, but thank him for his kindness and politely refuse.
19. What should I do if I encounter a prize for free promotion?

When you are walking on the street, someone meets you to sell your product for free. When you open the product and congratulate you on winning, you must not be fooled because when you receive the prize, the scammers will often lie that the prize must pay part of the tax To defraud your money.

20. What should I do if I encounter rogue blackmail?

When you go out and encounter a rogue who suddenly tipped in front of your car and lied that you knocked him down, asking you to pay for medical expenses, loss costs or they will collide with you on purpose, it will be worth a few penny mirrors , The so-called "gold watch" was thrown on the ground, saying that you smashed him, you must compensate him: you do n’t have to quarrel with him, you say that line, we go to the police station to deal with, this trick is not working, you can call you If you don't bring any money, you can go back to my place to get the solution, and find a chance to report to the local police station.

21. What problems should people pay attention to when traveling?

â‘  Don't be greedy. For example, treat you with cigarettes, drinks, alcohol, and other foods containing narcotic drugs. If you greedily take a few sips and drink a few glasses, you will definitely break your money; don't be careless.
â‘¡Thefts on the train are mostly related to the carelessness of passengers. Do not put valuables and money on the luggage rack or coat hooks;
â‘¢ Don't show up. When you go out, you must use a budget for money, separate the whole and keep it separately; also keep the clothes simple and unobtrusive;
â‘£ Don't show your bottom. Talk with people, don't easily put out the work unit, home address, phone and disk;
⑤ Don't be timid. Encountered criminals should stand up bravely, mobilize and use all the aids or tools available to fight criminals.
22. How to prevent online fraud?

â‘  Don't believe in emails or mobile phone messages from unknown people, especially those that require you to change your bank account password and winning information. This kind of information is often a trick for all kinds of scammers.
â‘¡Don't easily log in to the "wonderful URL" provided to you by e-mails or short messages from unknown people. This may be a conspiracy of various scammers embedding a Trojan horse program (hacking software) into your computer to steal it Your personal data or information.
â‘¢Be cautious when shopping online, choose an e-commerce website with relatively complete security mechanisms and measures to purchase items online, and verify seller details as much as possible.
â‘£ After shopping through the Internet, you should save the relevant materials, and report to the public security organ in time if you are cheated.

23. What should I pay attention to when withdrawing money from a cash machine?
â‘ No matter whether the announcement or notice on the cash machine is stamped with official seal, as long as it is required to transfer to the designated account, there must be a problem with the announcement or notice.
â‘¡ When swallowing the card normally, the machine will spit out the swallowing card receipt, and the screen will also prompt you to swallow the card. The cardholder can pick up the card at the management bank with the receipt.
â‘¢When withdrawing money, first observe whether there are any redundant settings. When entering the password, try to avoid others peeping.
â‘£If the machine does not spit money after a successful withdrawal, you should wait a few more minutes to check whether there is any abnormality in the cash outlet, and consult directly with the management unit. Never accept the help of "enthusiastic people".

24. Which road sections are prone to robbery and speed-robbing?

â‘  In front of the bank or on the way back;
â‘¡Beside the spacious avenue with less pedestrian flow;
â‘¢ Inside intersections and alleys.

25. What should I do if I encounter door-to-door sales?

I often encounter door-to-door sales in my life. Please remember that there will be no pies in the sky. I will refuse them all. Don't be entangled with them, let alone open the door to let them enter the house.

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