Police remind: Beware of burglars who go out for dinner on holiday

April 23, 2020

The night before, when the citizens were preparing for the Mid-Autumn Festival, the patrol officers of the Public Security Bureau of Chancheng City were still patrolling the pavement and successfully arrested three suspects of house theft on Huayuan Second Street.

In the evening, it is a high incidence of committing crimes in the house, especially during the holiday season, when citizens go out to eat more, some criminals take this opportunity to enter the house and steal. At 7:30 pm the day before yesterday, Xiao Wang, a security officer on Huayuan Street, found that three men carrying a large plastic bag were suspicious. The three of them did not rush to the road. Their eyes were always searching between the buildings on both sides of the road. At 8 pm, two of the men rushed into No. 21 Huayuan Second Street with the security door downstairs, and the other suspect went downstairs. After receiving the report, the ambush police immediately arrested them and, with the assistance of the security team, captured all three men.

At present, the three suspects have been transferred to the Zumiao Police Station for trial.

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