Driving in summer, beware of carbon monoxide poisoning

April 23, 2020

At noon the day before, Mr. Chen drove home in Chicheng Street, Tiantai. After entering the garage, he felt very hot and exhausted, tired, he closed the door tightly, turned on the air conditioner in the car, and took a nap in the car. With the air-conditioned air, he gradually went to sleep. At 3 pm, when his lover found him, he found out that he was in a coma. After examination by the hospital, Mr. Chen was carbon monoxide poisoning. Fortunately, he was rescued in time to avoid doom.

Test results show that when the car engine is idling at idle speed, a large amount of carbon monoxide is often produced because gasoline is not sufficiently burned. Carbon monoxide has a strong affinity with the hemoglobin in human red blood cells. After entering the human body, it will greatly weaken the oxygen delivery function of the blood. The lighter ones will cause impaired functions such as feeling, reaction, understanding, and memory. .

Currently, the sealing performance of car doors and windows is mostly good. The summer weather is sultry and the small spaces in the car are airtight, making many drivers like to turn on the air conditioner in a parked state or in a garage with poor ventilation. Because the car is in a stopped state, the air inside and outside the car is difficult to convect, and the carbon monoxide emitted by the engine for a long time may gradually accumulate, and the passengers in the car breathe oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. Over time, the oxygen in the car gradually decreases, and the occupants will Unconsciously poisoning and losing consciousness, in serious cases, will lose life.

In addition, harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene in the new car will be released in large amounts when the outdoor temperature is high in summer. If the air conditioner in the car is used for a long time, the windows are tightly closed, which will also increase the degree of air pollution in the car and damage the health of the people in the car.

Police reminded: to prevent air pollution in the car in summer, we must proceed from the following aspects-

1. Do not sleep in the car with the air conditioner in summer. Children, the elderly, or those with weak constitutions should pay more attention.

2. When the car is stopped, do not use the air conditioner in the car for a long time. Even in normal driving, you should always open the window to allow the air inside and outside the car to convect.

3. If the driver or rider feels dizzy, dizzy or weak in limbs, he should open the window to breathe fresh air in time, and get off the car to rest for a while, and then drive after the body returns to normal.

4. In order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning caused by vehicle leakage, the vehicle should be regularly overhauled. Air-conditioned vehicles should pay attention to check the exhaust system for leakage, and eliminate hidden dangers in time.

5. The new car should pay attention to the pollution of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances in the car, ventilate as much as possible and take effective air purification measures in the car.

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