Anti-theft, anti-fraud and anti-robbery in the "Spring Festival Travel Guide"-Anti-robbery

April 24, 2020

Speed ​​snatching: Although it is already autumn, the temperature has not dropped significantly. People are thinly dressed, and the gold and silver jewelry they wear are exposed, making them easy targets for criminals. According to the police, such cases often occur in the evening, and the two criminals are men. They rode a motorcycle together, and after aiming at the target, the man sitting behind the car picked up the victim's necklace with a knife and snatched it away. Generally, the motorcycle has already fled the scene after the victim has responded.

Preventive measures: In case of such robbery, the most important thing is to read the license plate number and report the case in time.

Trailing robbery: These cases have the following characteristics. The suspect observes the amount of the principal's withdrawal in the bank in advance. When the principal withdraws a large amount of deposit, they will follow the principal and take advantage of the fact that the victim is not ready to carry out the robbery; the suspect chooses to target the female victim Most of the male victims are older.

Precautions: When depositing or withdrawing money, pay attention to whether there are suspicious persons around you. When withdrawing large sums of money, it is best to go with two or more people. If you encounter criminals committing crimes, you must pay attention to the physical characteristics of the suspect. In addition, drivers who drive to deposit and withdraw money should also raise awareness of prevention. Once car tires are tied up, money and goods should not be separated to reduce the incidence of such cases.

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