Infrared camera small problem analysis-the image is whitish at night

April 24, 2020

A white aperture will appear in the center of the screen, that is, the LED angle does not match the lens. The 4 mm lens with a narrow angle LED must be a white aperture in the center. If you use a high-power large package, there will be a donut effect. , Because most of them make infrared cameras, the camera board is bought, even if you do it yourself, it is also done according to the purchased plan. The adjustment of backlight compensation, AGC, AES settings are not at all, and there are even LEDs The boards are all ready-made, no one knows how much the angle is, how to match the lens, some machines do not even have a dark room during assembly, and even went out without testing.

If the daytime is normal, and the whole night is white and hazy, the problem is even greater. It is because of overheating. If the CCD exceeds 80 degrees Celsius, the dark current will increase, the white background will be pulled up, and the scratch will be white , Otherwise the gray scale is not normal, it looks like a ghost film effect, then heat it up, the CCD will be hung up, especially the so-called outdoor long-distance infrared machine, after a few months, it is easy to be white at night of.

Also, if the sun visor is too protruding, and the wide-angle LED is used, the infrared rays hit by the sun visor will bounce back, and white fog will occur. Even if special infrared waterproof glass is used. And the lens processing is also useless.

Also, if the lens tube is randomly placed on a rubber ring, it will leak light and white fog will come out again.

Moisture is coming, blurring the lens, how can the picture be clear? Add a drying bag, or fill with nitrogen, not too much for a month.

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