Police remind: Beware of fraudulent use of freight contract fraud

April 24, 2020

Recently, Inner Mongolia Ejina Banner honeydew melons have been listed one after another, and a new round of honeydew melon sales and transportation will begin soon. In order to prevent the occurrence of freight contract fraud, Ejin Banner Public Security Bureau Economic Investigation Brigade, based on the characteristics of such cases, combined with the law of similar cases over the years, issued timely warning information to remind logistics companies, freight information departments, and melon agencies. Increase vigilance, strengthen the awareness of prevention and the ability to identify crimes, and prevent the occurrence of freight contract fraud.

According to the information available to the police, such cases are generally committed by multiple people and gangs. The members of the crime are relatively fixed, and the internal work is clear. A common method of fraud is to use genuine and fake documents to cover the parties, to falsify the trust of transportation intermediaries by forging, borrowing or picking up real identity documents and vehicle procedures, and to release information in the logistics center. After defrauding the trust of the cargo transportation consignor and signing a transportation contract, the fraudulently fleeing immediately after fleeing the cargo.

To this end, the police reminded all logistics and agency agencies throughout the flag to check the relevant documents of the carrier vehicle, the owner, the driver, and the crew when signing the freight contract, verify the authenticity and keep it for future reference; take a photo with the vehicle and the driver Take photos and archive; clarify the civil liability of the carrier vehicle during the transportation accident, damage or deterioration of the cargo caused by the repair of the car, prevent the owner and driver from fabricating reasons to swindle; vehicles with doubts about the license are recommended not to use or promptly contact the economic investigation team Contact the carrier to check the authenticity of the ID card, driver's license and driving license.

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