Police: 10 ways to commit crimes with bank ATMs

April 24, 2020

In response to the frequent occurrence of illegal crimes such as fraud and theft of customer funds by bank criminals using bank ATMs, Fujian Longyan Police recently disclosed ten common methods of such crimes, reminding the public to be alert to such crimes.

The person in charge of the Economic Crime Investigation Division of the Public Security Bureau of Longyan City told reporters that the deception of the criminals mainly manifested as:

Fraud # 1: The criminals used the name of a financial institution such as a bank or card issuer to paste a "warm reminder" and other false information "announcement" on the ATM teller machine, and then stuffed it with transparent tape into the ATM teller slot to prevent the banknotes in the machine Normally spit out, customers who come to withdraw money can not withdraw money, in case of anxiety, they will call the "service hotline" provided by the "Announcement" posted on the ATM, and they will be tricked by criminals to transfer money.

Fraud # 2: The criminals used iron hooks, tweezers, tape and fake keyboards to put a special iron hook into the socket of the ATM teller machine, which caused the illusion that the bank card was swallowed and tricked the customer into following the prompts to reveal the bank card password. After the customer left, the criminals pulled out the hook and took out the bank card to steal cash.

Fraud three: When customers use ATMs to withdraw money, criminals step forward to distract their attention, try to steal customer bank card account information and passwords or exchange customer bank cards.

Fraud four: lawbreakers install code stolen devices on the keyboard. At present, there is a stolen device that can be attached to the keys of the bank cash machine, and the password that the customer presses will be automatically recorded. When the customer enters the password according to the steps, the screen displays "This card is kept by the bank." After that, the operation cannot be continued. The circuit board behind the fake keyboard can directly transmit the password entered by the drawer.

Fraud five: lawbreakers use fake card slots to commit crimes. The criminals fix the fake ATM ATM socket in the original true socket position. After the customer inserts the bank card into the fake socket, the read-write device inside the fake card slot can copy all the information on the card.

Cheat 6: The criminals hid the camera lens in the advertising folder. There is an advertising folder next to some ATMs. This message folder may contain a miniature camera. Through the camera, the information on the keyboard and screen is photographed and transmitted to 200 meters away.

Fraud 7: The criminals install secret camera devices on the ATMs to steal cardholder passwords; at the same time, they pick up the withdrawal slips that were abandoned after the cardholder withdrew to obtain the cardholder ’s card number, and then write the card number using a computer or a magnetic reader Insert it into another magnetic card and use it after changing the bank card.

Fraud eight: the criminals installed a self-made magnetic stripe reading and writing device on the card reader on the door of the self-service bank, pretending to be an access control system to block the original access control system, and the words "please press the password to confirm after swiping the card" and other prompt language words are posted, Misleading customer operations, stealing bank card numbers and passwords, and making fake cards to deceive.

Fraud nine: The criminals use a keyboard with memory function or a plastic film-like substance to cover the keyboard of the ATM, steal the cardholder's password, and use the card swallowing device to obtain the cardholder's bank card.

Fraud 10: The criminals use glue to block the card reader of the self-service bank Automatic Door, and install another card reader with a password input. There is a communication phone card. As long as the cardholder swipes the card after entering the password, its information (card number, password ) Is sent to the suspect ’s mobile phone in the form of a text message.

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