The consequences of coveting cheap tiles are very serious

April 24, 2020

To buy ceramic tiles for home decoration, it is common sense to consider quality. However, many owners are eager to buy cheap ceramic tiles in the process of purchasing ceramic tiles, and are reluctant to buy excellent ceramic tiles at reasonable prices. Many customers often buy a lot of unqualified tiles due to greed and cheapness, which seriously affects the later decoration!

At this time, our shopping guide friends will be very frank to explain to customers the reason why good tiles are not cheap, and the fact that the consequences of cheap tiles are very serious. It's not good, you can forward this article to our customers! !

Why are good tiles more expensive?

Good ceramic tile production process is strict and high cost

Tiles need to be made of dozens of natural raw materials, through dozens of equipment, through dozens of harsh processes. Good tiles cost more, so they are more expensive!

Good ceramic tile inspection standards are strict, eliminating unqualified

When the ceramic tile is fired, it needs to be inspected to remove the ceramic tile that has problems with the glaze, the deformation of the brick blank, and the unqualified compression and wear resistance. The selection standards for good ceramic tiles are stricter than the national standards, and unqualified products need to be eliminated. Good tiles cost more, so they are more expensive!

Good tiles are not only products, but also services

When choosing tiles, you need to consider the decoration style, color matching, hard and soft matching, paving scheme, etc. used by the family. In order to make you satisfied, you may also need to draw tiles, renderings, renderings, all of which require service. The premise of service is profit. Every company must survive. Profits can be appropriately reduced but cannot disappear. You take away all the profits that guarantee survival. Who can guarantee the quality of products and after-sale services?

Good tiles also need to be sustainable

Regular tile shop, why are tiles not cheap? Does it require labor costs? Does it require management costs for the company's daily operations? Is rent required? Do you need warehouses and logistics? Do you need a designer to help you measure the house and help you designer? Do you need a master to help you deliver?

Why can't you buy tiles that are too cheap?

Too cheap tiles, mostly with quality problems

There are bubbles and pinholes on the glaze, which affects the appearance;

Polished tiles with a high water absorption rate are very sloppy, and become black easily after long time use;

A tile that is too light is easy to break when pressed thinly, and it is easy to crush when laying on the ground!

The main types of tiles that are too cheap

â‘  The first-class products and qualified products of normal sales products have various defects;

â‘¡The inventory of the product has been eliminated, the product itself is not easy to sell, and the color is seriously outdated;

â‘¢ Debt-paying bricks and red bricks are not guaranteed in quality;

â‘£Broken bricks (factory closure, inventory clearance), there is no after-sale protection at all.

Too cheap tiles are not guaranteed

Failure to provide on-site measurement and after-sales quality assurance will cause several problems:

â‘  You buy bricks and find that there are a lot more bricks.

â‘¡ The ceramic tiles were bought less and it was found that there were no original bricks;

â‘¢The tiles are broken and rotten, and the store does not charge you a lot of money, don't care about you, let alone compensate;

â‘£ Many times you sell cheap bricks, and after a long wait, the bricks are not delivered to the house, only to find that the money is paid, and the store is gone!

Customers are still greedy, what should I do if I buy low-quality bricks?

Remember, the price is equal to the price! Good tiles are more expensive! If you meet customers who are cheap and want to buy low-quality ceramic tiles, you can share this article with TA!


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