Police reminds: use Internet phone to "change number" frauds need to be vigilant

April 25, 2020

The Fujian Provincial Public Security Department recently issued an information reminder: a new type of fraudulent fraud has emerged, and criminals use the Internet phone to change the calling phone number function, display the phone number of the relatives and friends of the victim or state organs, and use "remittance for a sudden illness of a family member to cure The fraud of "telecommunications arrears", "business license, annual inspection payment" and other reasons needs to arouse public vigilance.

According to the Fujian Police, since May 2007, dozens of frauds have been committed in the province using the Internet phone “number change” function.

In late June of this year, Xiamen and Hangzhou police jointly destroyed a fraudulent den in Lianban, Xiamen, and arrested three suspects.

According to the suspects, they were employed by the leader of a Taiwanese fraudulent gang, "Xiaobai," who used an Internet phone to make a landline call directly into a Hangzhou citizen ’s home overseas. The name of the Hangzhou Telecommunications Bureau claimed that the call was owed. Fees, and then gradually induced, claiming that the telecommunications department found another phone that opened an account under the victim ’s name, which caused the telephone bills in the victim ’s home due to the huge call charges; the “telecommunications staff” then claimed: The bank urgently handles the bank card "fund preservation" business. Finally, the criminals pretended to be the bank staff and called the victim, saying that they had received an emergency notification from the telecommunications department and they needed to immediately implement a “fund preservation” on the victim ’s bank card, and remotely control the victim to go to the teller machine to carry out a fake preservation and true transfer. Was taken away in Xiamen. Since April this year, the criminal gang has committed more than 40 crimes, and more than 40 victims have been defrauded for more than 4 million yuan.

In an interview with reporters, the heads of relevant departments of the Fujian Provincial Communications Administration said that at present, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology only approved China Telecom Corporation in Shenzhen, Guangdong and Shangrao in Jiangxi, China Network Communications Corporation in Changchun, Jilin, and Tai'an, Shandong. In the network, it is the first to undertake the commercial test task of the Internet telephony service. No other regions of the country and other units or individuals are allowed to carry out the Internet telephony service. Offenders are regarded as illegally operating telecom services.

The Fujian Provincial Communications Administration and the police reminded the public that they should keep their personal information properly to avoid disclosure. When you receive a call with a special number, you must be vigilant. Even if it is a call from an acquaintance, if it involves asking for money, remittance, etc., you should verify with your family or friends. The best way is to call back to verify. If the other party does change the calling The scammer of the number cannot answer the call when calling back.

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