Residents at the entrance now have "signs" suspicious.

April 25, 2020

A strange symbol appeared on the wall at the entrance of the house, and the homeowner was worried about it. A few days ago, the owner of the Shanghai salon community in Yizhuang, Beijing sent these symbols to the community forum. He suspected it was some kind of "bad code" and reminded everyone to be vigilant. There are also signs that the owner thinks are drawn by the person who sent the newspaper or milk, but it is imperative to remove these signs.

"At the end of the year, weird symbols at the entrance of the community caused residents to suspect", this post became the hot news of Yizhuang Life Network. An owner posted that a strange symbol appeared in the doorway of some residents in the Shanghai Salon community recently. The pattern is incomprehensible, some painted five-pointed stars and circles, and some are simply numbers. According to community cleaners, they also saw a lot.

Some netizens joked that this is the story of Alibaba and the Forty Thieves, suggesting that this is a kind of joint secret code, hidden mystery. Or it is the "marker of focus" that the thief came to step on. However, some netizens said that similar patterns had appeared in Tiantongyuan community before, and it was later found that they were painted by the people who sent milk and newspapers.

During the discussion, everyone reached the unanimous conclusion that no matter who painted it, the top priority is to remove these symbols and raise vigilance.


110: It is not excluded that it is "a kind of secret code"

Yesterday, the police at the 110 alarm station reminded the public that strange signs appeared at the door of the house. The possibility of "a kind of secret code" was not ruled out. Citizens should wipe it out as soon as possible and go in to strengthen prevention.

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