The brown panda is popular, but home colors cannot

August 15, 2020

The dream is still there because it may really be realized. People often say that the wish of the national treasure giant panda is to take a color photo, and there is a panda "dream." This is the only brown giant panda in the world named "Seven Aberdeen" and is currently 6 years old. A chocolate color made it a "net red" and became a panda winner. Seeing this, are you still being decorated with the desire for color in your heart, ready to come up with a personality color? Xiao Bian wants to say that although colors are good, don't mess with them.

1, children's room should not be too bright

Children's colors are colorful, but the children's room is not very suitable for decoration too bright. This is not only bad for children's visual nerve development, but too much color paint may also cause decoration pollution, affecting children's health.

2, dark blue home is very boring

Dark blue is good for home decoration, but it should not be excessive. For homes with a dark blue color throughout, it is easy to create a boring atmosphere. Staying in the room for a long time may make people feel negative and restless.

3, helpless purple home

Purple is a noble and mysterious color. Ancient and modern, both at home and abroad, are exclusive to the imperial family. And the ancients believed that purple symbolizes auspiciousness. But full house purple will bring a harsh feeling, make people feel unwell, even have a sense of helplessness.

4, romantic pink under the storm

Many girls are particularly fond of romantic pinks, especially when decorating marriage rooms. Pink has become the choice of many people. However, as the time passes, the romantic feeling gradually dissipates. The inexplicable fire in the heart is burning up, and the husband and wife can easily quarrel over minor matters.

5, this kind of green is not green

Is green home not very good? Not only looks good but also protects eyesight. In fact, the green we often say about the good of sight is the "green" of nature, not the artificially-distributed green. Too much green in the home can not only create a vibrant atmosphere but also cause visual fatigue.

6, too much red easy to angry

Red represents not only festive but also dangerous. If excessive red is used in home decoration, it will bring a lot of burden on the eye, on the other hand, it will also make people angry. Therefore, although red is good, moderately allocate one point, do not use it as the main color of the style.

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