BAIC driverless car is about to start at Red Beach

August 18, 2020

Beiqi Panjin driverless car world premiere and project operation launch press conference was held in Panjinhong Beach Scenic Corridor. This is the strategic cooperation agreement signed by BAIC Group New Technology Research Institute and Panjin Municipal Government on July 6 this year. Another important event after that. Rong Hui, deputy dean of the Beiqi Group New Technology Research Institute, said that the operation of the Panjin Red Beach driverless car is a formal investment compared to other unmanned car projects or for testing or free trial rides. Operation.

The operation route of the driverless car of this project is a landscape corridor with a length of about 22 kilometers. There is only one lane in one direction, no intersection, no social vehicles, no pedestrians, and it is an ideal unmanned application environment. Even so, the project has taken many security measures. Firstly, V2X, V2V, V2I and other vehicle networking related technologies are comprehensively used to ensure the reliability and safety of the technology. At the same time, the operation method of vehicle flow and pedestrian flow separation is implemented in the scenic spot, so that vehicles and pedestrians do not have complicated interference relationship. And use the "sports space separation principle" to control the distance between the vehicles, the driving speed, the way of two-way vehicle intersection, etc., to ensure the safety of vehicle operation. In addition, the project will employ a specially trained technical team and operations team to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles with a variety of intertwined security measures.

Rong Hui said that after the official operation of the driverless project, social vehicles and private cars are not allowed to open inside the scenic spot. This is the operation principle of the subway and light rail, but the car is running on a “virtual track”. .

It is understood that after the operation of the project, all people who come to the scenic spot can take the driverless car. Visitors only need to download an app on the mobile phone to make an appointment. Visitors can decide where to go on the mobile phone, get off at which attraction, and after the end of an attraction tour, decide through the APP where to go next. After the appointment time, the driverless car will open according to the scheduled time. In front of the tourists.

It is conceivable that the future Red Beach Tour will not only be a beautiful meal, but also a journey of future technology experience. The reporter of China Industry News saw the unmanned vehicles that BAIC Group put into test at the scene. It was also modified from the traditional models of Beiqi Foton and Yinxiang. However, according to Ronghui, the unmanned vehicles that will be put into operation in the future, In addition to the traditional car modified cars, there will be unmanned cars specially built according to the operation needs of the scenic spots. Large cars and small cars will be available. There will be no steering wheel and driver in the car in the future, but each car will be equipped with a tour guide to introduce the scenery and deal with emergencies.

The unmanned project of Red Beach will be officially put into operation in May next year. In the next few months, BAIC and Panjin Municipal Government will also need to carry out a large number of vehicle commissioning and infrastructure construction upgrades. Although the final fare has not yet been determined, Rong Hui said that it is sure that most people can afford it. It is understood that BAIC Group is currently negotiating with several unmanned commercial projects across the country.

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