Cultivation techniques of scallions

August 18, 2020

In daily life, there are often sayings that "the dishes are onions, ginger and garlic, and the fragrance is more than half". It can be seen that the demand for shallots is large in the market, and the proportion of onions in the proportion of vegetables is also increasing. Some of the key cultivation techniques for how to increase the yield of shallots are as follows:

1, adjust the temperature, timely sowing: the growth temperature of the onion is 10--25 ° C, such as the four seasons of Cangzhou onion, can be planted all year round, good quality, adaptability. In the summer high temperature season, the shade net can be used to cover the cooling, and in the winter, the small arch shed can be used to cover the heat preservation.

2, fine soil preparation, apply enough base fertilizer: shallots should grow in loose and fertile soil. Before planting the shallots, the ground should be fully sun-dried to minimize the number of pests. Use decomposed organic fertilizer as base fertilizer, generally apply 2500 kg per mu, and apply 40 kg of ternary compound fertilizer.

3, cultivating strong seedlings, dense planting shallow planting: no matter live or transplanted, we must cultivate strong seedlings, generally about 10.5 kg per acre, to achieve uniform fine sowing.畦 1.2 meters wide, too wide for unfavorable management. The depth of transplanting should be shallow and should not be deep, and the density should be dense. Depth of 6-7 cm, 15-10 cm row spacing, 3-5 lines per hole.

4, light fertilizer light application, soil moist: small onion growth period is short, more than a number of live, seedlings 60-80 days listed, transplanted seedlings 30-40 days listed, timely watering after planting, keep the soil moist, generally 7 days or so Water once, combined with top dressing, with 0.2% urea.

5, disease prevention and control, reduce pollution: Scallion disease mainly downy mildew, can be sprayed with 25% metalaxyl 500 times liquid, insects mainly include onion, leaf miner, can be used once, avermectin control.

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