Fuyuan Furniture teaches you how to choose a desk

August 23, 2020

As a cultured and knowledgeable three-year-old youth, Fuyuan Furniture has more time spent on the desk every day than sleeping. But the small desk is really not strong, and it is often scratched and easily made by Xiaobian. Shoulder pain, how to choose a desk? Below, Fuyuan Furniture Xiaobian teaches you how to choose a desk that suits your heart.


1, select the desk : look at the materials

The general materials used for environmental protection desks are wood, wood-based panels, plastics, etc. These materials have their own characteristics, but they must be built on the premise of sturdiness and practicality. Specifically, it requires environmental protection and no odor, and the surface coating should have the characteristics of no fading and no scratching.


2, select the desk : size

The size of the scientific selection of desk chairs, but also the choice of ergonomics, the size of the desk chair should be combined with the user's height, age and body size. In general, the standard for children's desks is 1.1-1.2 meters long, 0.76 meters high and 0.55-0.6 wide. The standard for chairs is 0.4-0.44 meters, and the overall height is less than 0.8 meters, which basically meets the needs of school-age children. Of course this size does not apply to preschool or college students.


3. Pick a desk : safety is the first priority

When purchasing a desk chair, safety is the first consideration. The desk chair's lines should be smooth and smooth, with round or curved edges, and smooth switches and delicate finishes. In addition, it is best to shake a few times when purchasing, furniture that is loose in structure and feels swaying is not necessary.


Source: Fuyuan Furniture

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