Grass rosewood furniture knowledge big science

August 25, 2020

Rosewood furniture is synonymous with the beauty of classical furniture and a model of classical furniture in the United States. Today, countless collectors at home and abroad are proud of the collection of rosewood furniture. So, today, I will talk about the rosewood furniture in rosewood .


What is grass rosewood furniture

Grass pear is a kind of rosewood. There are many connections between grass pear and huanghuali wood. Its characteristics are different from that of yellow pear wood. The grass and pear are coarse and coarse, the brown eye is too large, and the color is yellow and dry. Gloss, but its color is very bright, the texture is relatively fresh.


The advantages of grass rosewood furniture

The grass rosewood is colorful, the heartwood is often reddish brown and purple, the wood is hard, the structure is fine, not sinking in water, the texture is exquisite and attractive, suitable for carving. Grass rosewood or its shavings into the water, the floating material can emit fluorescence, this phenomenon can also be seen in rainy days; African rosewood has strong nail holding power, good mechanical strength, and easy to engrave and process, smooth noodles, good bonding and finishing properties . It is not easy to corrode and resist friction. The overall structure of the furniture is firm. The engraving patterns are very delicate, the paint is not easy to fall off, the furniture is not easy to change color, and the collection value is relatively high.


Disadvantages of grass rosewood furniture

Grass rosewood is not easy to dry, sapwood and heartwood string shrinkage difference is large, corrosion resistance and friction, however, it is easy to suffer from insect mites, if it is old rosewood furniture, some places may have insect eyes.


Grass rosewood furniture price analysis

A small set of low-grade grass rosewood furniture sold in the market, its price should be around 10,000 yuan; medium grass rosewood furniture prices are between 20,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan; and the longer the market time to store grass flowers The price of pear wood furniture will be even higher, even reaching 100,000 sets, so the specific price of the rosewood furniture should be determined according to the workmanship of the furniture and the required materials.


Grass rosewood furniture winter maintenance

The indoor humidity in winter is higher than that in the outdoor. Therefore, ventilation in the winter window will only make the outside cold air come in and make the room more dry. Therefore, it is recommended that households with grass and rosewood furniture at home should reduce the time and frequency of window ventilation during the winter to maintain the proper humidity in the room. Also note that furniture should be kept away from the vents.


The above is the relevant content of the grass rosewood furniture. After reading it, is there any understanding of the grass rosewood furniture? If you want more furniture information, please pay attention to GO Jiaju

Source: GO Jiaju

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Grass rosewood furniture knowledge big science

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