Mi Xia New Chinese: a clear stream in the furniture

August 25, 2020

Mi Xia New Chinese Furniture News News Traditional Chinese style tends to be solemn, deep color, heavy home, traditional atmosphere, for young people, such Chinese style can not help but be dull, not in line with the young people's youthful temperament .


But if you add some color, Chinese-style homes can actually be small and fresh. The wood of the new Chinese furniture still maintains a solemn color, but the decoration is a little fresh and fresh, just the right reflects the youthful sense, both charm and fashion. If the furniture is small and fresh

The wood of the new Chinese furniture still maintains a solemn color

But the embellishment of the touch of a small fresh and just right reflects the youthful sense of both the charm and the stylish green bamboo seat instantly breaks the space dullness without losing the Chinese flavor or boldly uses a variety of fresh colors plus rattan Chinese elements such as patterns and patterns create a young Chinese fashion. If the wall is cute and sturdy, the traditional Chinese furniture is matched with the pink wall. The whole space is instantly bright. The lake green is a traditional Chinese color, but it is also a kind of fresh and warm color. Purple can also increase the brightness to break the dull and indispensable Chinese accessories. ▲ Small-area soft-packed use of fresh colors and the overall Chinese style does not conflict, but can be the finishing touch ▼▲

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