How to match the soft clothes with Ouka furniture, you must pay attention to the principles of soft furnishings.

August 27, 2020

Oka furniture News soft with no hard-mounted less onerous, some of the project amount is relatively mild, but we do have the software installed how about it? Soft clothes bring a lot of color to our home life, and also enrich our home decoration style, so soft clothing must pay attention to principles, do not mess with jokes. Let's take a look at the rules of soft-packing with Xiaobian.

软装如何搭配 欧卡家具告诉你软装一定要讲究原则

Soft-fit with point-to-face

1: with a dot

For people who don't have much color matching experience, it may be difficult to choose colors for walls, floors, textiles, furniture, and design accessories. So if you are not sure about the overall design, start with a small space or take a point-to-face approach.

2: Choose color according to the purpose of the room

The purpose of the room often determines the effect to be created. The living room should look bright, relaxed or warm and comfortable, and the restaurant can be dark and dark. The kitchen is always suitable for light colors, but be careful with warm colors. The corridors and foyer are just a function of the passage, so you can use them boldly. The style of the bedroom is entirely determined by the individual taste.

3: Have more confidence in neutral colors

Nowadays, the classification of colors is more detailed. For example, neutral colors are no longer a general division, but the division itself has sensible guidance. For example, neutral warm colors provide a series of pleasant and balanced color choices. These subtle colors give a quiet and peaceful feel to people's living environment. The rich and varied neutral cool colors start from the perfect gray and always transition to green or blue. These colors are commonly used in modern materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. These neutral colors, which represent the foundation of architecture, seem to be born with the same high-tech, urbanized life paintings.

4: The top surface is generally light

Light colors make people feel light, and dark colors make people feel heavy. Usually the treatment of the room is mostly from top to bottom, from shallow to deep, such as the ceiling and wall of the room are white and light, the wall skirt is white and light, and the baseboard is dark, it will give people a lighter The lower the sense of stability, on the contrary, the shallow depth of the upper and lower will give a top-heavy sense of oppression.

5: Overall consideration is given

When considering the color treatment of the room, you must be familiar with the general color psychological effects, and also pay attention to the decorative effect of the color, such as cream makes people feel simple; yellow, orange makes people relaxed; red makes people excited, give People have a bold and strong feeling; pink makes people feel romantic; lavender makes people feel elegant, mysterious and beautiful; green means youth and hope; dark brown and olive produce a sense of stability and calmness; blue Color gives people a relaxed, cool effect; white produces a cold, solemn. In this way, the color of the room will be elegant, warm and beneficial to both physical and mental health.

软装如何搭配 欧卡家具告诉你软装一定要讲究原则

Soft fit with color choice

6: Pay attention to the influence of color on psychological emotions

Understanding color can directly or indirectly affect people's emotional, spiritual and psychological activities, and apply these to interior decoration. The function of color is to satisfy visual enjoyment, adjust people's psychological emotions, adjust indoor light intensity, and reflect people's living habits. .

7: Select the color and pay attention to the details of the room.

“Details” are architecturally used to describe decorative or functional accessories. You can choose whether to highlight or hide these attachments. If the room is small, the best strategy is to highlight the details that add to the room's appeal, and hide the purely functional details, making the room look spacious and comfortable.

8: Choose color according to the orientation of the room

The room facing the east is darker due to the earliest acceptance of daylight, so the use of light warm colors is often the safest. The south-facing room has the longest sunshine hours, and the use of cool colors often makes people feel more comfortable and the room is more attractive. The west-facing room is more suitable for deep cool colors due to the strongest sunset setting in the day, which seems more comfortable. Since the room facing north has no direct sunlight, it should be warmer and have a lighter color when selecting colors.

9: Choose the color according to the shape of the room

Color can change people's perception of the shape of the room to a certain extent. For example, a cool color can make the lower ceiling look taller and widen the narrow room. The dark color on the far wall of the room will make the wall move forward. A similar effect can change the look of the room.

10: Successful color matching is flexible

Before deciding which color to use, besides determining the color you like, consider how you want the room to feel and what activities you want to do here. Some color combinations can make you feel calm, some are exciting; some are energetic (suitable for use in the game room), and some are relaxing (the best in the bedroom). A successful color scheme is not about applying the established formula, but rather helping the room to perform better at home.

The above is the information about the soft-fit match. For more information on furniture, please pay attention to the Oka furniture.

Source: Oka Furniture

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