What is rosewood? New star in redwood

August 30, 2020

Many families now choose mahogany furniture when they buy furniture, but there are many different types of mahogany furniture. Today, GO Jiaju focuses on introducing the new star rosewood that is supported by mahogany. What is red rosewood? What are the characteristics of red rosewood?


What is rosewood?

The rosewood is a genus of the genus Dalbergia in the leguminous plant. It is named after a pungent sour taste after the wood is cut open. Rosewood is a general term for a variety of woods, mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical regions. Southeast Asia is the main producing area, and some of China's vast areas are also distributed.
The rosewood is mainly composed of red wood and black rosewood. Generally, the "grease" of the rosewood is of high quality, fine structure, strong and heavy, and can sink in water. Of particular note is the fact that dark red or black stripes are often found in deep red, and the stripes are clear and varied.

Characteristics of rosewood

1, the rosewood heartwood sapwood distinct sapwood yellow-white to yellow-brown, some trees are brown; heartwood orange, light reddish brown, reddish brown, purple red, purple brown to dark brown;
The color of the material is uneven and the dark stripes are obvious. The growth wheel is not obvious or slightly obvious. A loose or semi-annular hole, a single tube hole, a few diameter tube or a thin tube group containing dark gum, sediment or invader. Axial thin-walled tissue wing, poly-winged ribbon, loop bundle and wheel boundary.


2, the structure of rosewood wood is fine

The wood structure of the rosewood is very fine to fine, and the average tube hole chord diameter is not more than 200 micrometers; the diameter markings are not obvious or slightly obvious, and the string mask wave marks. The wood is shiny, sour or sour (a few are rose aroma) texture is oblique or staggered, the structure is fine and even (several medium) corrosion resistance, durability. The material is hard and heavy, and the strength is high. When the wood moisture content is 12%, the air dry density is greater than 0.85 g/cm3, usually sinking in water.

3, high quality

The sour branches are the main raw materials for the mahogany furniture of the Qing Dynasty. Even after hundreds of years, the furniture made of sour branches can be seen with a little lacquer and moisturizing. The color of the rosewood is dark red and light red. Generally, the quality of the "grease" is high, and the texture is clear and varied. The rosewood furniture is polished and lacquered, smooth and lustrous, and it is durable and gives a kind of subtle and subtle beauty. Not only the quantity, but also the quality of the wood is good, and the manufacturing process is also beautiful. In the modern concept, it is real mahogany furniture.


What is learned rosewood and its characteristics, we are not understanding red rosewood one step further, if you want to know more information about GO furniture good home network you must not miss, massive furniture and other information for you to .

Source: GO Jiaju

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