Ginger treatment precautions

September 01, 2020

First, sun-dried: About one week before planting, the whole piece of ginger is selected and placed on a sunny day in a leeward, sunny, dry, warm place. It is rolled out every day from 8 to 9 am and recovered from 4 to 5 in the afternoon. The next day, when the sun is drying, the ginger is turned over at noon, and the ginger is turned over for several days. The ginger skin is dry, white, and slightly wrinkled, indicating that it has been dried.

Second, germination: germination after the end of the sun. Germination can promote the sprouting of ginger seedlings as soon as possible, and the emergence and tidy emergence is an important technical measure. The commonly used germination method is to put the ginger into the basket with straw, with the head facing inward and the feet facing outward. After the layers are placed, cover the straw or straw to keep the basket moist and 20-30. The temperature of the degree is taken out after about 20 centimeters of young shoots over 20 days. It can also be placed in a greenhouse or plastic greenhouse to maintain germination at temperatures above 20 degrees. When germination, special personnel should be responsible for management, and problems should be solved in time. This is the key to germination. After the ginger is germinated, the work of selecting the ginger is carried out, and the gingers with yellowing, weak buds, weak buds, diseased and non-germinated ginger are removed.

Third, the block: After the ginger buds are out, first select the whole block, then select the buds. Be sure to use fat ginger and disable lean ginger. A whole piece of ginger weighing 0.5 kilograms is suitable for 10 to 12 pieces. Only one strong bud is left for each piece. It is planted with grass ash before the rain.

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