Create a new highlight in the living room, Joe teaches you to analyze the TV cabinet purchase considerations

September 02, 2020

梓 Joe Furniture News News Speaking of TV cabinets, many people think that TV cabinets are a very common piece of furniture. In fact, the TV cabinet is an indispensable piece of furniture in our home life, which can add highlights to your bedroom or living room. A good TV cabinet can enhance your taste. Therefore, it is very important to buy a good TV cabinet. What should you pay attention to when purchasing a TV cabinet? Let's share the TV cabinet maintenance, purchase and placement notes with everyone!

打造客厅新亮点 梓乔教你分析电视柜选购注意事项

First of all, let's talk about the TV cabinet purchase precautions: the choice must take into account the width, height and depth of the electrical appliances (such as TV sets, DVD players, etc.) to be placed, so as not to cause trouble after the event due to size differences; choose TV cabinet When you want to reserve space for items such as CD, DVD, tape, etc., to avoid inconvenience in the future use; pay attention to the choice of materials for the TV cabinet, fully consider the heat dissipation problem of the TV cabinet; At the time, check whether the TV cabinet is convenient and feasible in terms of line placement.

In order to take full account of the electrical functions such as TV, it is the first choice to make the function of the electric appliance fully play when deciding the design or shape of the TV cabinet. When people watch TV, the height of their line of sight should be below the eye level when they sit down. Therefore, when choosing a TV cabinet, the height of the TV should be designed to be 30-40 cm. Today's TV supplies are not only filthy but also light. Therefore, when choosing a TV cabinet, it is necessary to fully consider its heavy capacity.

Secondly, the TV cabinet maintenance precautions: the inside of the TV cabinet or the back of the TV cabinet is prone to dead corners and accumulate dust. Therefore, it is necessary to diligently clean it. Clean it with a clean rag; dilute with olive oil and water. Then wipe the cloth with a cloth to make the wooden TV cabinet smooth and shiny; the action of the switch door panel or drawer should not be too rude, especially the glass TV cabinet, if used improperly, it will cause unexpected damage.

打造客厅新亮点 梓乔教你分析电视柜选购注意事项

Finally, the attention of the TV cabinet: the TV cabinet should be placed in front of the theme wall of the living room. If you cast a clear light on the TV cabinet, you can soften the original cold-colored electrical equipment, and at the same time you can add a layering effect, which can make the object more three-dimensional. Some related items of the TV cabinet, such as antennas, wires, etc., are preferably stored in the back of the TV cabinet, which makes the TV cabinet more beautiful. Let it be something to watch.

Summary: The above TV cabinet maintenance, purchase and placement precautions, teach you how to put TV cabinets, TV cabinets are indispensable in our lives, this article is aimed at TV cabinet maintenance, purchase and placement knowledge for everyone Make an introduction so that you have a reference in your life. Want to know more furniture information, please pay attention to the furniture

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