The world's first home new product release model "China Fashion Home T Stage Show" debut in March

September 12, 2020

The world's first home new product release model "China Fashion Home T Stage Show" debut in March

Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week and 32th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair

Zhang Dan

Home and clothing?

Designer and T-show?

Fashion Home Design Week and Milan Design Week?

Play cross-border, play fashion, play high-end

"China Fashion Home T-Taiwan Show" shocked!

“China Fashion Home T-Taiwan Show” is the first new home display mode of Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week and Shenzhen International Furniture Fair. On March 20th, 2017, in the forum area of ​​Hall 5 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the first batch of 6 top home designers will showcase and release new products. Promote the original development and aesthetic improvement of the home industry, leading the industry trend and design trend.

"China Fashion Home T Stage Show" = International Original Home New Product Release Platform  


Cross-border innovation: “Home + Apparel” T-show model is the world's first

Design and fashion originally had no boundaries with the industry. Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week and Shenzhen International Furniture Fair and Sina Home jointly created a new home display model, moving the “home + clothing” product display model to the top of the T-stage, allowing furniture and The beauty and interaction of the costumes breaks the traditional way of displaying new furniture and enhances the aesthetics of the design.

Different from the monotonous spatial display mode in the past, the T-stage show makes the home products and designers smart. With dynamic music and beautiful stage, wearing stylish models and home products to showcase, the main designer explains the design ideas, the authenticity of the products and the designer's artistic concept can be accurately reflected, even for those who watch the show Come to a time of visual enjoyment.

This new product release model is the world's first, home products, clothing and people on the same stage catwalk, so that the design beauty and products more contextual blending. Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week and Shenzhen International Furniture Fair are also committed to building the “China Fashion Home T-Taiwan Show” into a leading design benchmark for the industry, an international original home new product launch platform, and an industry event similar to “Milan Design Week”. .


High-end fashion: top design masters preferred new product launch platform

“China Fashion Home T-Taiwan Show” is positioned as an international original home new product release platform, which has extremely high requirements for participating designers. Shenzhen Furniture Fair and Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week only choose the designers and products that best represent the latest trends and the most powerful players in the industry. This also means that the “China Home Fashion T-Show” will be the preferred release stage for the most fashionable, top-end, most representative home and design new work.

The first 6 original designers will showcase their products

This year is the first wonderful appearance of "China Fashion Home T-Taiwan Show". The founders of the 6 leading domestic home furnishing brands will come to the scene. In addition to the exhibition, of course, they will perform a catwalk show with the model. This will be An unprecedented high-end showcase in the home design industry. The product elements are rich and diverse, and are highly personalized.

[Make] Shu Wei - Come, "Make" your life



Brand name: creation

Brand founder: Shu Wei

Stanford Business School MBA

Social network product Civo .im, founder of

War vote, director of mergers and acquisitions before all networks


After graduating from the Stanford MBA, Shu Wei founded the creation-international design home brand in 2014 after two career changes. With the aim of "World Design, Made in China", and combined with nearly 100 design masters from 27 countries, the new middle class provides "world design", "fine quality" and "moderate price" furniture and home products. Innovating and leading the innovation and development of China's furniture industry has always been one of the concepts pursued by Shenzhen International Furniture Fair. In Shu Wei's eyes, “making” is only to no longer live rough, and to break the tradition to make a new life.


[Lost and Found] Li Ruofan - "Lost and Found" here , are you coming?


Brand Name: Lost and Found

Brand founder: Li Ruofan

Engraving Time Coffee Co-founder

Graduated from Beijing Institute of Fashion


Li Ruofan founded “Lost and Found” in 2008, which is an original solid wood home brand. This is a furniture store dedicated to refining design inspiration from traditional old furniture elements to create a good time for people. Because he likes the old time, Li Ruofan carefully uses quality furniture to make people use it with cherished feelings. The interaction of time and people creates beauty and brings people their own way of life. Come to Shenzhen International Furniture Fair, lost and found to let you find the goodness of the past in the old days.

[Local creation] Xu Gang - the United States, to "local creation"



Local creation team photo

Brand Name: Local Creation

Brand Design Director: Xu Gang


Founded in 2012, the local design team from Guangzhou is good at using concrete and other recycled materials for product design. For them, all the raw materials, crafts and cultures that build things are indifferent to the high and low, so that the right materials can make the simple materials glow with dazzling light. At the T-stage show of Shenzhen International Furniture Fair, Xu Gang, the local creative brand design director, and his team will turn into a magic, and bring you the original beauty.


[ 吱音 ] Zhu Hui - Be your "sound"



Brand Name: Voice

Co-founder/Design Director: Zhu Hui

Master of Furniture Product Design, Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan, Italy


After graduating from the Italian National University of Brera Academy of Fine Arts in 2010, Zhu Hui founded the furniture brand voice with Yang Xili, who graduated from Waseda University. Ziyin is a story-rich cultural and creative furniture brand. It aims to meet the needs of space and function in daily life, and share simple and interesting designs with the public at a flat price to discover the beauty of ordinary life. In 2014 and 2015, he won the Golden Point Award, Taobao's 2015 Best Home Design Award, and the most influential design of 2015. As a clear stream of furniture design and emerging power, Zhu Hui's participation has injected a lot of innovative blood into Shenzhen International Furniture Fair.

[Muzhi Workshop] Zhao Lei - Wood also has wisdom



Brand Name: Muzhi Workshop

Brand founder: Zhao Lei

In 2006 , he graduated from Tsinghua University with a master's degree in architecture and spent four years in architectural design.

In 2015 , the work “Little Man Waist M1 ” won the Home Fashion Award in the China (Shanghai) International Fashion Housewares Exhibition (referred to as the Frankfurt Home Furnishing Exhibition).

In 2016 , the work "Maitai Desk M39 " China Furniture Product Innovation Award   Gold award  


MZGF Muzhi Workshop was founded in 2010 by designer Zhao Lei. At the Shenzhen International Furniture Fair, we will see that the Muzhi Workshop brand is dedicated to exploring innovative materials for different materials, the pursuit of extreme and detailed design, exquisite craftsmanship and expressive forms. Based on this, a series of new products have been developed to make it more unique and integrated. Incorporate the vision of pursuing high-end quality life into every product, looking for the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, fashion and comfort.

[ Surface SUREECO ] Wu Zuoguang - I ' M SURE, I ' M ECO


Brand Name: Prime Shell

Brand founder: Wu Zuoguang

Associate Professor, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

He has won many international awards such as EDIDA International Design Award, German Red Dot Design Award, China Furniture Gold Award, National Top Ten Designer Award for Furniture Design, etc. His works have been collected by Essen and Red Dot Museum in Singapore.


The shell-shell home is dedicated to presenting the modern lifestyle of the East, creating a home-life philosophy that blends tradition with the trend, blending oriental culture with Western trends and blending it into its unique, contemporary minimalist style with an oriental touch. A distinctive and innovative, through continuous design innovation to express and explore the humility of design in daily life, inadvertently diffuse the quiet charm. It is believed that at the Shenzhen International Furniture Fair, a natural life style will be blown back to the furniture field.

Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week - "China Fashion T Stage Show "

Organizer: Shenzhen Economic and Trade and Information Commission

Co-organizer: Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association Shenzhen Fashion Creative Industry Alliance

Co-hosting media: Sina Home

Activity time: March 20, 2017 13:00-16:00

Venue: Forum Area, Hall 5, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


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