What are the hazards of using expired labor insurance products?

September 15, 2020

Labor protection articles are personal protective equipments that are used to protect workers from avoiding or reducing casualties and occupational hazards in the labor process. Equipped with labor protection articles is one of the important measures to protect the safety and health of workers. Protective masks, protective clothing, and safety Caps, safety shoes, miner's lamps, etc. are all labor insurance products.

At present, many companies have provided employees with labor insurance supplies in accordance with the regulations. However, it is understood that although some enterprises provide labor protection products to employees, they will no longer be in charge after buying them once and they will not change them for a long time. In fact, with the development of science and technology and the improvement of working methods, some labor insurance products in the past have not been able to play a very good protective role in the new environment. For example, protective glasses, in the past were flat glass glasses, can only protect the front of the eyes, and the glass is fragile to the eyes, and now the market has been equipped with curved Plexiglas glasses, can effectively protect the eyes, but many companies do not follow Replacement. Inquiries related to the company's responsible staff, they explained that curved plexiglass glasses easy to wear, high prices, high consumption, the cost is too high. This situation is that labor insurance products have new products, but the old ones can still be used. In addition, some enterprises have already broken their labor protection products to such a point that they can hardly use them and they are not scrapped in time. Workers will not wear these labor protection products when they work. The security has caused great hidden dangers.

Labor protection products are different from other clothing and tools, and they are not optional or can be dealt with casually. Expired labor protection products will not only fail to protect, but will also allow employees who do not understand the situation to have a psychological hint that they are Labor protection has been done and there are hidden dangers in thinking. Therefore, in order to avoid hidden dangers and accidents, the employer must promptly replace the expired products, especially special labor protection products, in accordance with the requirements of the country and the product use period for the sake of safe production of the company.

In short, whether it is a business or a company, it is necessary to establish a strict inspection and registration system for labor insurance products, timely clean up labor insurance supplies, and resolutely put an end to the influx of employees and their use, and as an industry and commerce, quality supervision and other departments should also Increase the inspection of labor insurance products, so that labor insurance products can truly achieve scientific and standardized production, sales and use.


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