WiFi loading time is long? Infrared wireless network may solve the problem [Full text]

September 16, 2020

Technology Trends The coverage of wireless networks is becoming more and more widespread in China. Wi-Fi interfaces are available in such areas as high-end hotels, luxury residential areas, airports, and cafes. When we travel and work, we can use our handheld devices to enjoy surfing the internet in these places. However, WiFi is now very convenient, but the speed of loading still makes users very "bad". Recently researchers from the University of Technology in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, have come up with a breakthrough idea to use infrared to bring wireless data to laptops and smart phones. on.

WiFi loading time is long? Infrared wireless network may solve the problem

According to Ton Koonen, a professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, “We currently use Wi-Fi based on radio wave technology. It is very easy to overload and interfere. It's like a big cake. When everyone is high, everyone is assigned to it. There will be few parts.
However, the introduction of infrared light can solve this problem. By using the 'light antenna' to radiate infrared light from different angles and accurately aiming at multiple smart-enabled devices, you can independently enjoy a fast network without sharing. Of course, infrared light is harmless to the human eye, so people do not have to deliberately Dodge. ”

Prof. Koonen also said that their team has been studying infrared rays for many years. According to relevant experimental tests, within 2.5 meters, infrared light can transmit 42.8 Gigabits per second, which is 100 times faster than today's Wi-Fi. Multiple times, downloading movies at this speed will also become a matter of a few seconds.
However, in addition to its high speed and insusceptibility to interference, infrared light has some shortcomings. The biggest drawback is that it has no way to pass through the wall. This means that if this technology can be realized, infrared rays need to be installed in every room. antenna.
“This technology may not sound complicated, but it requires more testing to be put into operation.” Professor Koonen also said, “I believe that in the future, it will likely replace Wi-Fi as a new generation. wireless network."

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