What is the working principle of the electronic lock?

September 20, 2020

The electronic lock, which is also based on the 51 series single-chip computer (AT89051), is equipped with a corresponding hardware circuit, completes the password setting, storage, identification and display, drives the electromagnetic actuator and checks its driving current value, and receives the alarm sent from the sensor. Signal, send data and other functions.
The MCU accepts the typed code and compares it with the code stored in the EEPROM. If the code is accurate, the electromagnetic actuator is unlocked. If the code is inaccurate, the operator is allowed to input the code from the beginning, and more input can be done three times; if three times Not accurate, the microcontroller through the communication line to the intelligent monitor alarm. The single-chip microcomputer sends each unlocking operation and current driving current value of the electromagnetic actuator as status information to the intelligent monitor, and also receives the alarm information from the sensor interface to the intelligent monitor as an intelligent analysis basis.
With regard to what are the electronic lock brand rankings and the working knowledge of electronic locks, today Xiao Bian has analyzed so much for everyone. However, Xiao Bian still has to remind everyone to understand the brand name of electronic locks, on the one hand is conducive to our purchase of electronic locks, on the other hand we can learn from the many electronic lock brands in our domestic electronic lock market situation, a further step Understand the national conditions. In addition to understanding the electronic lock, we must have a certain understanding and mastery of the working principle of the electronic lock.

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