Guangxi West Bauxite Geology and Exploration Project won Guangxi Special Award for Scientific and Technological Contribution

September 24, 2020

On April 13, the reporter learned from the Autonomous Region Department of Science and Technology that the list of Guangxi Science and Technology Awards for 2016 was announced and 155 scientific research achievements were awarded. Among them, the “Beixi Bauxite Geology and Prospecting”, which has reached the international advanced level, has become the only result of the Guangxi Science and Technology Special Contribution Award.

The Guangxi Science and Technology Award includes four categories of awards: the Science and Technology Special Contribution Award, the Natural Science Award, the Technological Invention Award, and the Scientific and Technological Progress Award. Each year, the Guangxi Science and Technology Awards are the scientific and technological achievements that have made significant contributions to the economic and social development of Guangxi. 155 awards include 1 special contribution award, 154 Natural Science Awards, Technological Invention Awards, and Science and Technology Progress Award awards for the first, second, and third prizes (including 10 first prizes, 54 second prizes, and third prizes) 90 items).

The projects selected for the Special Contribution Awards have to undergo a rigorous review. The standard is that the project results have had an important impact on Guangxi and even the whole country. Moreover, the Special Contribution Award needs to obtain the National Science and Technology Award or the Guangxi Science and Technology Award for the first time and more than three years, and continues to innovate, creating great economic and social benefits. The "Guixi Bauxite Geology and Exploration" project led by the Autonomous Region Geological Mineral Exploration and Development Bureau won the first prize of the Guangxi Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2012. Since then, the R&D team has deepened the theoretical study of bauxite mineralization and has innovated the exploration of bauxite. The technology has achieved a major breakthrough in geological prospecting. It has proven Guangxi reserves of 515 million tons of bauxite resources and associated mineral resources of 43,100 tons, forming an extremely large national base of bauxite resources. The project results have been applied to the aluminum industry base project in western Guangxi. The proven bauxite resource reserves have also been developed and utilized. The total annual sales revenue can reach 10.824 billion yuan, the sales revenue can reach 373.722 billion yuan, and the total annual profit can reach 3.119 billion yuan. Total profit totaled 104.902 billion yuan. With the construction of the Baise eco-aluminum demonstration base approved by the state, its annual production value can reach over 100 billion yuan, and at the same time provide resource guarantee for the second pioneering of the Guangxi aluminum industry, according to the "Mid-term and long-term plan for the second undertaking of the Guangxi aluminum industry" By 2025, the annual output value of the aluminum industry in the region will reach 200 billion yuan.

Compared with previous years, the results of the Guangxi Science and Technology Awards in 2016 presented two highlights: First, companies have become the protagonists of innovation. Of the 155 award-winning projects, 87 were award-winning projects led by enterprises, accounting for 56.1%, which was the highest in the calendar year. The dominant position of enterprises has been strengthened, and the cooperation between production, education, and research is closely linked. Second, the role of independent innovation in economic support has been highlighted, and enormous economic and social benefits have been created. Of the 155 projects that were rewarded, 95 projects received 445 patent grants. The project winners achieved new output value of 66.62 billion yuan from 2013 to 2015, and added profits of 8.14 billion yuan. The results of the project led to the development of the industry. From 2013 to 2015, other units applying the results achieved a new output value of 86.94 billion yuan and a new profit of 26.56 billion yuan.

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