Daily inspection, maintenance and maintenance of concrete mixing plant

September 25, 2020

In order to ensure the normal operation of the concrete mixing plant, daily inspection of the concrete mixing plant is essential. So, what are the daily inspections of the concrete mixing plant?
First, daily maintenance work
1, to ensure the cleanliness of the machine and the surrounding environment.
2. Clear the material in the hopper in time to make the sensor return to zero.
3. Check whether the lubrication oil of each lubrication point is sufficient, and the oil mist device in the airway system should maintain enough oil.
4, check the motor, electrical appliances, whether there is overheating, abnormal noise, instrument indicator is normal, the signal system is intact.
5. Always check and adjust the cylinder, butterfly valve, electromagnetic valve, etc. to make opening and closing meet the requirements.
6, always check the system, if there is leakage, leakage, leakage and leakage and other phenomena to be dealt with in a timely manner.
7. The mixer and hopper should be cleaned once every four hours to avoid consolidation of residual concrete and prevent normal operation.
8. Each class should let go of the internal water in the air compressor, air tank and filter, and eliminate the faults in operation.
9, butterfly valve, mixer, electromagnetic valve, air filter and oil mist device, etc. in accordance with the relevant instructions for maintenance.
Second, the maintenance of aggregate supply system
1.Before every shift, it is necessary to carry out the no-load inspection of the belt conveyor, clean the debris, mud, etc., tighten the screws of each part, adjust the deviation of the belt, and the rotating parts should be flexible.
2. The electric drum is regularly changed according to the instructions of the user.
3, use six months after the inspection and make up the lubricating grease at the rotating parts bearing, once a year after a full demolition oil change.
4, the cleaner often checks the adjustment of the skin near the belt position to ensure that the normal cleaning.
Third, the measurement system maintenance
1. Each class must check and adjust the soft interface of the measuring bucket to keep the length loose and ensure the measurement accuracy.
2. After the winter shutdown, all the water supplied by the water supply system and admixture should be drained.
3, admixture pumps such as the seasonal stoppage must be backwashed to prevent the pipeline and the pump additives precipitate deposition or no solvent.
Fourth, the maintenance of the mixing system
1. Check whether the shaft end seal cavity, distributor inlet and outlet pipes, and seal pipe are unblocked in each shift, whether it is full of grease, and whether there is enough lubricant (fat) in each lubrication point and deceleration box body.
2. Observe whether the oil in the oil reservoir of the electric lubrication pump is used up in each shift. If it is nearly used up, it must be filled in full and no oil-free operation is allowed.
3. Every class shift must be fully cleaned up inside and outside the mixing drum, at the discharge gate, etc., and rinsed with water. The flushing of non-clean adhesives should be periodically chiseled off.
4. The blade must be tightened and tightened once a week to prevent the blade from falling off.
V. Powder Supply System Maintenance
1. The vibrator in the cement bin top dust removal device must be vibrated several times a week to remove the sticky ash on the dustbag (filter stick) to ensure smooth running.
2. The inner wall of the inlet pipe and the outlet port of the screw conveyor must be fully cleaned once a week to prevent hard caking and debris jams and insufficient discharge failure.
3, do not use a long time need to vent the cement inside the screw machine.
4, screw conveyor head ball bearings, the central support bearing grease must be injected once every four hours, the first gear change time for the first time to work 500 hours, after the replacement of grease every year.
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