Children accidental drowning safety first aid knowledge

September 28, 2020

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News: According to the Guangzhou Yangshan county government recently informed, at 17:00 on April 23 Xu, accidental drowning when Qinglian Yangshan County town of Nam Tong village three children rushed to swim in the mountains, was rushed to the town of Qinglian The hospital died after he died.

As the temperature rises and the pace of summer approaches, various types of drowning accidents occur frequently. Among them, outdoor accidents involving children and teenagers are most common.

First, how to prevent drowning accidents?

1 Do not go out swimming alone, and do not swim in a place where you do not know water conditions or are more dangerous and should have suffered a drowning accident. Choose a good swimming place, the environment of the place, such as whether the reservoir, the bath is hygienic, whether the underwater is flat, whether there are reefs, undercurrents, weeds, the depth of the waters and other situations should be clear.

In addition to rivers, rivers, lakes, seas, and streams, pools, sewage drains, manholes, quarry pits (holes), dung pits, reservoirs, ponds (ponds, shrimp ponds), etc. may be due to students playing or swimming. A drowning accident occurred.

2 You must swim under the guidance of parents, teachers, or people who are familiar with water so that you can take care of each other.

3 To understand their own physical health, people with cramps tend to have difficulty in swimming or swimming in deep water. To get ready before launching, you must first move your body. If the water temperature is too low, you should first rinse the body with water in shallow water, and then swim until you are comfortable with the water temperature. Students who wear dentures should remove the dentures in case of dehydration. The denture falls into the esophagus or trachea when it is in water .

4 Be aware of your own water quality. You can't do anything after you go into the water. Don't rush into diving and snorkeling. You can't beat each other to avoid drinking water and drowning. Do not swim in rapids and whirlpools, and do not drink after swimming.

5 If you suddenly feel uncomfortable in swimming, such as dizziness, nausea, palpitation, shortness of breath, etc., you must immediately go ashore to rest or call for help.

Drowning water is a common accidental injury to children in summer. Once it occurs, emergency care for drowning children is not provided for the first time, which often brings tragedy to their families.

Second, children's drowning emergency care!

  There are two main causes of drowning death. One is that a large amount of water is sucked into the human respiratory tract, which causes airway obstruction and obstructs gas exchange, resulting in hypoxia in the body and causing asphyxiation. The other reason is that after entering the water, water stimulation causes the larynx or the heart to suddenly stop beating. If the rescue is not timely, it will eventually be death due to respiratory and circulatory failure. Therefore, once the children are found to have drowning, they should immediately take measures for emergency treatment.

First dumping of respiratory tract water, the child prone rescue personnel shoulders, head down, so that natural water flow out, the child can take the head low, prone on the rescue staff leg water control; can also be placed on the slope of the ground upside down control Water, and then remove nasal mucus secretions and weeds, the purpose is to restore airway patency.

The third step is to promote breathing, mouth to mouth artificial respiration can be used, that is, mouth to mouth blowing in children, in order to prevent leaks must hold the nose, so that the thoracic expansion of children, and then release the hand, so that the gas in the lungs Exhaled naturally. This is repeated many times, about 20 times per minute . You can also do artificial respiration on the chest. The ambulancemen cross the side of the hips on either side of the hips, put their hands on both lower breasts and push them forward. When the shoulders of the ambulancemen are in line with the shoulders of the spasm, it causes breath. Then stop using force and return to in situ relaxation, causing inhalation.

If the drowning child heartbeat have stopped breathing, external cardiac massage should be performed at the same time, the heel of the left hand is placed under the sternum 1/3, in the right-hand overlapping left back, elbows straight, more than the body gravity, Rhythmically pressing the spine vertically.

Heart massage 80-100 times per minute . Until the recovery of heartbeat, breathing, sent to the hospital to continue treatment.

The information in this article comes from the Internet and was reorganized and edited by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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