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October 08, 2020

At the time of the prevalence of home improvement, many home improvement processes use gypsum board. At the same time as the style is beautiful, for some special spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms, it is necessary to be safe, waterproof, fireproof, and anti-drop off. The birth of waterproof gypsum board has solved this problem very well. So, how much do you know about waterproof gypsum board ? What about waterproof gypsum board for living room? What are the advantages and disadvantages of waterproof gypsum board for living room? In the interior decoration, the effect of waterproof gypsum board decoration or ceiling for living room is good. Must be designed according to your needs. If you have this need, you may wish to follow me to learn about the price of waterproof gypsum board and other related knowledge!

What is waterproof gypsum board

Refers to the United States ASTM waterproof test, water absorption rate of 5%, for areas with high humidity, such as: toilets, kitchens and so on. The gypsum core material adds a certain amount of water repellent to make itself waterproof. In addition, gypsum board paper is also waterproofed and has a wide range of uses. Do not expose directly to moisture or soak for long periods of time.

The core and cover paper are treated with waterproofing. According to the national standard, the paper surface and the core must meet the waterproof requirements. Suitable for places where humidity does not exceed 95%, such as: toilets, kitchens, etc.

Classification of waterproof gypsum board

1, ordinary waterproof plaster board

The newly-developed products not only have the advantages of paper plasterboard, but also add additives to the core of the board to make the fire-resistant time long, which can block the spread of fire and give time for escape.

2, positioning waterproof gypsum board

The newly-developed products not only have the advantages of traditional plasterboards, but also solve the problems of large labor intensity, easy damage, and low ergonomics during construction, and realize the upgrading of products.

Waterproof plasterboard features

It is made from natural gypsum and face protection paper with appropriate starch, foaming agent and water. Performance characteristics:

Low energy efficiency

78% energy savings. Low investment, high productivity, and simple processes.


Gypsum board is used as a partition wall, which weighs only 1/15 of the brick wall and 1/10 of the wall, which is good for earthquake resistance and reduces the main construction cost.

heat insulation

About 60% are micropores due to their low thermal conductivity and good light insulation properties.

Fire performance

The gypsum core is inflammable, and absorbs heat in the event of fire, delaying the increase of the ambient temperature. Therefore, the fire-retardant and flame-retardant properties are good. After testing by the state, the fire limit reached 4 hours.

Sound insulation performance

Lightweight materials such as aerated helium. Thickness meets sound insulation requirements, unique cavity structure, and sound insulation performance.

Decoration function

The surface is smooth and the boards form a seamless surface, and the surface can be directly decorated.

What are the waterproof plasterboard brand?

1. Dragon Brand

Founded in 1979, the large gypsum board industry group, Beixin Group Building Material Co., Ltd.

2. Gyproc Jacco

Founded in 1915 in France, Gypsum Building Materials Industry Leader, Saint-Gobain Gypsum Building Materials Co., Ltd.

3, KNAUF Knauf

Founded in 1932 in Germany, the leading brand of international plasterboard, Knauf New Building Systems Co., Ltd.

4, Taishan plaster

Founded in 1998, Shandong Province is famous for its trademark, Taishan Gypsum Co., Ltd.

5, St. Mayo

Shandong famous brand. Dedicated to the green decoration material provider, Pingyi Zhongxing Sheng Building Material Co., Ltd.

Waterproof plasterboard quote

Since the brand, model, material and manufacturer of waterproof gypsum board are different, of course, the price of waterproof gypsum board will also be different. So, what is the price of waterproof gypsum board? Waterproof gypsum board is generally priced from 20 yuan to 100 yuan.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to different geographical areas, prices will vary. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

The difference between waterproof plasterboard and ordinary plasterboard

(1) waterproof gypsum board: can be used for toilets, bathrooms, and ordinary gypsum board does not work.

(2) waterproof gypsum board: good water resistance, water will not be deformed, moldy or powdered. But do not soak for a long time.

(3) waterproof gypsum board: PVC plastic surface, core board, surface layer by waterproofing; common gypsum board, commonly known as: "paper gypsum board", core board, surface layer and did not do waterproof treatment.

(4) waterproof gypsum board: smooth and bright on both sides, ordinary gypsum board: two sides made of paper. Can be identified by testing, sample test water.

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Waterproof plasterboard quote

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