How to choose restaurant lamps and lanterns

October 09, 2020

Lamps in our lives are inseparable from lights. It not only brings us light but also plays a decorative role. For example, the restaurant, as an important place for our meal, its layout is particularly critical, so how to choose the restaurant lighting can play a role in creating an atmosphere, setting off the atmosphere? The following case study together how to choose the right restaurant fixtures, lamps and a restaurant with tips What?

First, how to choose the restaurant lighting

1, restaurant lighting should not be dazzling

As a main place for dining, its dress should be coordinated with the overall pattern, but the choice of lamp should be bright and simple. As we all know, the Chinese are very particular about eating, paying attention to color, smell and taste, if it is dark The light not only fails to show the dishes but also makes people feel depressed.

2, restaurant lighting pressure table

In the dressing up of the dining room, the lamp is an indispensable element. Of course, when choosing the placement position after purchase, you also need to think about the overall space. Generally speaking, the dining room lighting should correspond to the dining table and be installed above the dining table. Makes the lighting more balanced and gives the family sufficient light.

3, restaurant lighting clutter

With the constant updating of lamp products, more and more styles are emerging on the market. Faced with colourful and exotic lighting, people often cannot help but buy home and decorate it, but because the restaurant is a dining place. Place, so the color of the installed lamps should not be too complicated, so when choosing, should be based on simplicity.

4, restaurant lighting should use warm colors

In the purchase, the color of the light should also be particularly concerned, for example, the hall is suitable for bright white, dining room is suitable for a warm representative, so the selection should be in a warm warm color system, such as yellow, red, etc. is appropriate, Enhancing fortune and wealth, but also to promote appetite, so that families gathered in a warm atmosphere.

Second, the restaurant lighting with what skills

1. As we all know, the collocation of lamps and lanterns will directly affect the overall atmosphere. Generally speaking, most families will combine the hall and the dining room into one, so in terms of lighting, the two can be merged to make the family more productive. Air conditioning, there is no need to set too many partitions.

2, this kind of bedroom light needs to be very bright, but be careful to avoid the use of low color temperature products, we all know, cooler lights will make the original not spacious space appears fresh, transparent, and the other can be used at the top of the table High-intensity lamps, while paying attention to the shade down, aim to make your hearty food more attractive.

Xiao Bian summary: The above is the restaurant lighting how to correctly purchase, as well as restaurant lighting with which the relevant knowledge. I believe that after reading the above content, small partners have a better understanding of the restaurant lighting purchase, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult Xiao Bian.

Restaurant lighting

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