The five points must be kept in mind when reconstructing the housing structure

October 10, 2020

After the handover, people are not satisfied with the original housing structure and will be transformed through the housing structure. When the housing structure is reformed, it is not arbitrarily transformed. It is necessary to integrate housing design standards, material requirements, construction quality, housing structure, and so on. Therefore, when refurbishing, it is not only the investment of capital, but also the structural safety of the house. Next, Xiao Bian introduced the housing structural transformation precautions.

House structure transformation precautions

1, the bearing wall will not move

For load-bearing walls, they cannot be easily dismantled and remodeled because the load-bearing wall carries the weight of the entire building and is the balance of the entire house structure. If the bearing walls are damaged, that is, the balance of this force is destroyed, and the consequences are disastrous. Can not afford this responsibility. In addition, light walls cannot be detached, because some lightweight walls also carry part of the weight of the house. For example: Lightweight walls under beams cannot be removed.

2. Door frames embedded in concrete should not be dismantled

If you really want to carry out a structural transformation of your house, it will pose a certain risk to the building structure, reduce the housing safety index, and it will be more difficult to reinstall new doors.

3, low wall can not be removed or changed

The room and the balcony will have a window directly. These doors and windows can be dismantled, but the walls below the doors and windows cannot be removed, because this wall is a “weight wall” and acts like a scale to provoke a balcony if it is dismantled. The wall will reduce the bearing capacity of the balcony and cause the balcony to fall.

4, beam can not be disassembled

Beams and columns are used to support the floor slabs. If the towers are torn down at random, it will cause the upper floors to fall down. It is very dangerous and the columns and columns cannot be demolished or modified.

5, wall reinforcement can not move

The place where the steel bar is laid cannot be moved, which will affect the bearing capacity of the wall and the floor, leaving a safety hazard. So can not be disassembled!

Editor's summaries: The matters concerning the transformation of the housing structure were introduced here. Hopefully everyone will be helpful. Want to learn more related knowledge can focus on this site information.

Masonry structure reconstruction

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