Nanjing Auto Show, all lithium battery, welcome Beijing low-speed car, June New Deal

October 10, 2020

Beijing just released a new policy on the 21st, starting from June 1st, electric three-wheeled, electric four-wheeler will not be restricted, Nanjing exhibition will be held as scheduled, Wuyuan, Yi-cai, Haiquan, Hongri, speed Paiqi, De Ruibo Low-speed car manufacturers such as Zhongxin and Zhongtong have all appeared in their own products. This time, unlike the past, everyone has introduced lithium-ion low-speed electric vehicles. In the case that the national policy is not enough, everyone has The common direction is that the product is lithium-ionized, including lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese oxide, and a ternary lithium battery. There has also been a high-speed car factory, Zhejiang Wuyuan Automobile Group.

During the exhibition, industry associates and vice-president Wei Xueqin and other industry experts visited the Wuyuan booth, and strongly praised the Wuyuan lithium battery low-speed car. This car battery pack uses a high-speed car ternary lithium battery, which is a true lithium battery and provides 8 years warranty of 120,000, and inspected our ternary lithium battery pack and charging pile and other components.

The low-speed vehicles exhibited by Wuyuan Group are all equipped with world technology, 2.2 kWh module for lithium battery, 4.4 degrees 6.6 degrees 8.8 degrees 11 degrees, built-in thermal management module, bms module and other key components and signals. Automatic docking, unlimited parallel connection, free choice of car power, endurance ability to choose, whether it is to pick up children or office workers, do ** cost. Overcome the world's problem "the battery pack is unstable in parallel, not easy to manage" magic spell.

Zhejiang Wuyuan Automobile Group Co., Ltd. is a company covering the whole energy industry chain. The Group not only owns its own main engine factory, but also includes automated bus, bus, logistics, passenger car, electric bicycle, and other automated production lines, as well as automated pack lines, electronic control, high voltage. Distribution lines, vehicle controllers, bms, charging piles and other parts production lines and subsidiaries, is a rare industrial-wide group in China. According to the relevant person in charge, after the launch of the low-speed car, it will be released in August in Jinan. The seven-seat SUV model, combined with the national exemption from taxation, free of charge, 20% down payment and other preferential policies will break the original SUV pattern, we look forward to.

Prefab T house is made of light Steel Structure for its main frame and sandwich panel for wall and roof. The stuffing of sandwich panel can be rock wool, polystyrene (EPS) and polyurethane (PU).
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The structure is connected by bolts and the walls are fixed with rivets. When loading the steel structure parts and panels are light and easy to pack and transport.

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