Safety production month kicks off and see what notifications these provinces have

October 10, 2020

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The national safety production activity in 2017 is about to kick off. This year's theme has been identified as "Completely implementing the main responsibility for safe production of enterprises." Let's take a look at what "safety shows" are happening in various ministries and departments.

Department of Housing

Outstanding education and training

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently issued a notification request.

The competent authorities for housing and urban-rural development in various places attach great importance to the basic role of education and training in safety production, conduct in-depth safety education and training for construction workers, and strive to improve the quality of training.

It is necessary to strengthen the building construction safety regulations, rules and regulations and skills training for the main persons in charge of construction companies, project leaders, full-time safety production managers and special operators, and aim at the safety management of sub-projects with a high degree of danger, and special projects. Prepare and demonstrate key topics such as certification and special training.

Strictly implement the safety education system for migrant workers and actively implement new safety education methods such as experiential safety education. Strengthen the education and training of building construction safety supervisors and form a normalized training mechanism.

transportation Department

Five strokes do a good job preaching

The Ministry of Transport requires that safety presentations be conducted during the "safety month of production" in five areas.

Provincial-level transportation management departments and main party and government leaders of the central enterprises in the industry talked about the implementation of corporate security main responsibilities, followed the safe traffic construction, and published signed articles in the media;

The transportation and management departments and the central enterprises in the industry organized personnel to conduct safety in-depth presentations;

The transportation and transportation management department has accelerated the formulation of responsibility standards for safety production supervision and management, and the main leaders of transportation enterprises are talking to all employees about the main responsibility of safety production.

Set up a "Model Safety Production Enterprise" experience exchange column to organize and carry out advanced typical on-site observation activities;

Conduct publicity and consultation days in crowded places.

Ministry of Agriculture

Check the safety of agricultural machinery

The Department of Agricultural Mechanization Management of the Ministry of Agriculture proposed that the “Safety Production Month” campaign in 2017 should closely integrate the actual production of “Sanxia” agricultural machinery.

The agricultural machinery department will organize personnel to go into key areas to conduct major inspections of agricultural machinery safety. Intensified the special rectification of modified tractors and the action of “non-compliance and non-compliance” of agricultural machinery, severely cracked down on unlicensed driving and unlicensed driving of agricultural machinery, effectively managed illegal illegal activities, and checked hidden accidents, in an effort to improve the card passing rate, inspection rate, and holding rate. . The organic integration of agricultural machinery safety supervision and safety propaganda, driving operation training and other safety services, and in-depth production line services to farmers.


Efforts to carry out activities with your heart

May 24, 2017, the Guizhou provincial government held a safe production and safe production activities in Guizhou Province Miles mobilization teleconference, Guizhou Provincial Committee, Governor Sun Zhigang require careful carry out a safe production and safe production of Miles Activities, intentions and efforts to do a good job of safe production of various work for the party's victory in the 19th to create a good safe production environment.

Sun Zhigang requests:

Focusing on reform, development, supervision and law enforcement, accident prevention, and safety regulations, we will carry out propaganda and education, and carry out special events such as exposure of hidden dangers, scientific and technological security, supervision and law enforcement, and emergency drills to create an atmosphere of “care for life and focus on safety”.

Strengthen the safety training for those in charge of high-risk enterprises and improve their safety management capabilities. Municipal and county-level governments should pay attention to the education and training of township and township officials, rural area drivers, small and micro business leaders, and migrant workers.

It is necessary to set up a telephone line for production safety, improve the reporting and complaint mechanism for the unified reporting and disposition of social public management platforms, and form a powerful joint effort among governments, enterprises, and society to work together to ensure safety.


Waiting for the top ten activities

A few days ago, Yunnan Province prepared 10 activities during the month of safe production. Some of these activities will be held throughout the year.

The top ten activities include:

Security presentation into the company;

Third Security Development Forum;

" 6 · 16 " Safety Production Advisory Day;

The 2nd Life Safety Knowledge Contest;

Key construction projects safety line;

"Responsibility on shoulder" theme painting and photography exhibition;

Special production safety interviews;

Safe production of public service advertisements, micro-films, micro-video creation selection;

Accident warning education and hidden trouble management;

Special events in various industry fields.

On the day of the production safety publicity and consultation day, citizens can experience the Mobile Science Museum on-site to learn about fire prevention, emergency escape, electricity safety, natural disaster prevention, and medical emergency.


Three safety culture propaganda contests entertained

During the "Safety Production Month" this year, Zhejiang Province will hold three "Safest Most Beautiful" Photographic Competitions, Safety Cultural Excellence Competitions, and the "Opinions" Essay Competition to encourage participation of all citizens in a safety culture publicity contest.

It is reported that the “safest most beautiful” photography competition is aimed at member units and large enterprises and vividly reflects the safety production work and results of various industries, fields, and production positions in Zhejiang Province. The safety culture premium creation competition requires all localities and relevant organizations to actively select clear and creative themes. New and well-produced, safe cultural works that can play a good role in safe production, propaganda, education, and guiding principles; micro-movies, warning education films, public service advertisements, documentary short films, animations, animations, etc.; implement the "Opinions" essay. The competition mainly guides experts, theoretical researchers, supervisors and employees to actively participate in the competition, write and implement the "Opinions" theoretical articles, experience, practice and experience summary.


Progress in stages, focusing on one aspect at each stage

During the "safety production month" this year, Hebei Province will carry out a series of missionary activities with the theme of propaganda and implementation of the newly revised "Safety Production Regulations of Hebei Province." The province divided the “Safety Production Month” campaign into four stages: Safety Development Theme Week, Safety Culture Week, Safety Law Advocacy Week, and Accident Warning Education Week. Each phase focuses on one aspect and promotes the implementation of corporate safety production responsibility. .

All relevant departments of Hebei Province will, in accordance with the deployment requirements for each activity week, distinguish different levels and different objects and adopt targeted education measures. The main person in charge of the enterprise will be the responsibility of the person in charge of the enterprise and the five items stipulated in the “Safety Production Regulations of Hebei Province”. Responsibility for the main mission content; the company staff will implement the safety production laws and regulations, compliance with regulations, accidents, and operating knowledge as the main missionary content; the public will be informed of road traffic, fire, gas and other aspects should be informed Safety knowledge is the main mission content.


"Three ones" activities promote the implementation of the main responsibility

During the "safety production month" this year, Gansu Province will promote the company's main responsibility for safe production through in-depth development of "three ones" activities.

The "Three Ones" activities include:

A safe open class. The company's principal responsible person or safety management personnel will focus on fully implementing the responsibility of the company's safety production, talking about understanding, speaking about the experience, putting questions, finding gaps, setting measures and strict commitments, setting an example for all employees, and acting as a corporate development;

Organize a safe production conversation. Internally, the enterprise adopts a method of talking about the first level. The person in charge of the company is responsible for the department, and the person in charge of the department conducts dialogues with the team leader and the team leader on the frontline staff, conducts dialogues at each level, fully exchanges opinions, earnestly solicits opinions and suggestions, and thoroughly understands ideas. dynamic;

Carry out an oath of safety promise. Employees publicly make safety production commitments by participating in employee conferences, departmental meetings, team meetings, or posting responsibility statements and undertakings.


Set up a steering committee

Recently, the Shanxi Provincial Government Security Office made arrangements for this year's "Safety Production Month" campaign. The province has set up a steering committee for the "Safety Production Month" campaign in Shanxi Province, with the provincial government in charge of the leadership.

During the “safety production month” this year, Shanxi Province will carry out nine key tasks, including news media coverage of propaganda and reporting, theme promotion and grassroots business activities.

During the “safety production month” this year, Shanxi Province will invite relevant departments, mainstream media reporters and experts to form an interview group to give full play to the “trinity” role of the interview group, the propaganda team, and the steering group, and go deep into the grassroots and enterprises to implement the “Shanxi” units. The Provincial Safety Production Regulations, the provincial government's arrangements for the deployment of the “Conducted accountability, dereliction of duty, accountability” and “anti-three violations” activities, focused on the promotion of various key reports, established positive and negative examples, and promoted advanced Lagging behind.

At the same time, Shanxi Province proposed that all levels, departments, and units should take "Safety Production Month" as an opportunity to carry out the "Ankang Cup" competition, establish the "Qianan Gang" and "the most beautiful families", and select "dangerous chemical companies." And the Public Open Day of Chemical Parks, etc., have mass production safety sharing and sharing activities with industry characteristics. Promoting the establishment of safety culture construction demonstration enterprises Intensive development, and promote the construction of a number of safety production warning education bases, safety culture theme parks and safety culture experience halls.

During the “Safe Production Month” this year, the Shanxi Coal Supervision Bureau will organize and conduct media coverage, special training information, theme presentations, coal mining accident warning education, and “two laws and one case” knowledge contest.

At the same time, the Bureau will also open a column in the news media to exchange information on the creation experience of 11 Shanxi provincial coal mining safety and cultural construction model enterprises and 3 national safety culture construction model enterprises.


Highlight 8 key activities

May 22, Fujian Provincial Government Safety Office issued "active" "to carry out 2017" Safety Month, the decision from June 1st - 30th synchronized with "Safety Month" activities within the province.

This year, Fujian Province will highlight eight major province-wide activities.

Conduct topic presentation activities.

The “ 6 · 16 ” campaign for safe production promotion and consultation was launched.

To carry out the "Haixi Security Development Bank" activities.

Carry out corporate security risk announcements and hidden trouble management activities.

Carry out production safety accident warning education activities

Conduct press releases and expert interviews.

Actively participate in online education and carry out WeChat "freehand" activities.

Carry out safety production line.

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