Which brand of access control system is better? Long Zhi teaches you to buy the correct access control system

October 15, 2020

Purchase access control, for a front desk, basically confused, in the face of dazzling, a wide variety of access control products, Yuncai is inevitable, do not worry, let Xiaobian give you a fairy pointing:

I. The following is the first thing to be clear about your company before consulting. It is also a question that system integration companies will ask:
1. First of all, what should be the company's current door, wooden door, glass door, security door?
2. What is the second requirement to clarify the boss's requirements? What identification method is used to open the door, is it a fingerprint or a swipe? Every boss has a childhood dream, and Xiaomi's Lei Jun likes to open their doors with their nfc phone; your boss's idea is very important, so it is necessary to ask clearly.
3. The number of doors is also very important. One-door, multiple-door, and equipment communication methods are not the same. Before the supplier is found, they will be asked to do homework in advance.
4. The use of data is also the fourth to pay attention to, is the immediate view, there is a ride did not take a look, is to be associated with attendance, or independent work? Different needs will use different products, and prices will be different.
5. The use of access control In addition to the control of personnel access, more effective use of data, so the software requirements must also ask about the company's requirements.

When selecting an access control system integrator, pay attention to the following points:
1: It doesn't have to be a vendor. You don't have a large amount of work. There's no point in finding a vendor.
2: To find a system integrator, they are more grounded, understand your needs better, and make the necessary conditions for local control.
3: Select companies with certain experience and foundation in the industry. Choose companies with experience base. They will have different industry solutions for different needs of your company.
4: Companies that have had successful cases in large companies can use this to judge that the company's technical team and companies that can do large-scale enterprise cases cannot be completed without a strong construction team.
5: Select service providers nearest to facilitate timely service.

At present, there are many access control products on the Chinese market, and the functions are almost the same, but the quality is uneven. Therefore, the selection of products is particularly important for the engineering company.

Purchase access controller with anti-crash and self-test circuit design

If the access controller crashes, it will make the user unable to open the door or close the door, causing great inconvenience to the customer. At the same time, it also increases the maintenance and maintenance costs of the engineering company. The access controller must install a reset chip or select CPUs with reset function, generally the 51 series CPUs do not have a reset function, and a reset chip is required. At the same time, it must have a self-test function. If the circuit crashes due to interference or abnormal conditions, the system can self-check and perform self-start in an instant.

Access controller with three levels of lightning protection circuit design

Because the communication circuit of the access controller is distributed and vulnerable to inductive lightning, the access controller must be designed for lightning protection. We propose to adopt three-level lightning protection design. First, the large current and high voltage generated by the lightning strike are discharged through the discharge tube, and the current and voltage entering the circuit are clamped through the inductor and the resistance circuit. The TVS high-speed discharge tube then releases the residual current and voltage at high speed before it damages the circuit. The lightning protection index requires 4000V induction lightning to have no damage to the equipment for 50 consecutive times. The lightning protection index is high, and the anti-surge and anti-static capabilities of the equipment are correspondingly high. Some products advertise that they also have a 1500V lightning protection capability. In fact, this indicator is available on all chips and does not have the ability to prevent lightning and surge.

The storage capacity of the registration card must be large, and the storage capacity of off-line recording must be large enough. The non-volatile memory chip is used for the storage chip.

It is recommended that the number of registered card rights need to reach 20,000, and the number of offline storage records should be 100,000. This can be suitable for the vast majority of customers' requirements for storage capacity, facilitating attendance statistics. Must use Flash and other non-volatile memory chips, power down or shock information will not be lost. If the RAM+ battery mode is used, information may be lost if the battery is dead or loose, or if there is current shock. The access control system may fail.

The design of the communication circuit should have self-detection function, and it is suitable for the needs of large-scale system networking

The access controller's networking is usually networked using the 485 industrial bus structure. Usually, many manufacturers choose to use max 485 487 or 1487 chips for cost saving. These chips have weak load capacity, and usually the maximum load capacity is 32 devices, and if the bus has A damage to a communication chip will affect the communication of the entire communication line, and it is impossible to find out which controller chip is damaged. We recommend using high-end communications chips and integrated circuits similar to the MAX3080. The circuit has a self-check function. If the chip is damaged, the system will automatically disconnect the connection to the control device so that other control devices on the bus can communicate normally.

The application should be simple and practical, easy to operate

If the application of the control program, will undoubtedly increase the engineering company's training costs and time for customers, the customer is not easy to master the software operation will be angry with the engineering service attitude will have a bad influence on the collection and renewal of the customer. Do not understand it is also easy to cause misuse, resulting in practical inconvenience. Therefore, we suggest that when the project engineer chooses the access controller, it must pay attention to whether the software operation is simple and intuitive and convenient. One-sided emphasis on powerful is not suitable for promotion.

What brand of access control system is good, the above is the correct way to purchase the access control system. The practicality of the convenience function of the stability operation of the access control system is an important factor and a core criterion for the evaluation of the access controller.

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