How much a gypsum board a square gypsum board ceiling installation method

October 16, 2020

Gypsum board is used as ceiling material, and ceiling is the decoration of the top of the house. It is the decoration of the ceiling. Gypsum board is the main material for decoration ceilings, so how much do you know about gypsum board ? Now let's take a look at how much money and one square of plasterboard and related knowledge together with Xiaobian.

How much is a plasterboard

Gypsum board can be made in various shapes according to the ceiling. Different gypsum board craft materials are different, and the price is also different.

1. The price of wood ceiling gypsum board ceiling is generally 80-100 yuan / square meter, in addition, its labor costs are generally around 100-200 yuan, some cities will be relatively higher labor costs, in the 200-300 yuan between.

2. The price of the light steel keel gypsum board ceiling is generally not calculated per square meter, but calculated according to the price of each sheet. If it is a flat roof, then its price should be around 45 yuan/sheet. ;

3. If it is to do arc ceiling, then the price of the same area material is generally about 60-80 yuan / piece, plus another loss of 20 yuan, a total of 80 yuan.

Plasterboard ceiling installation method

1. Before the construction, measurement and selection are very important. Good work at this stage can greatly reduce the trouble in construction and guarantee the safety of future use.

2. Before the construction, the worker used a horizontal pipe to measure whether the ink line on the wall was horizontal. As long as the exact level of the foundation line was ensured, the suspended ceiling installed later would not be inclined or there would be a height difference.

3. The gypsum board ceiling needs to be fixed on a firm wooden keel frame, so careful selection of the keel material has become an essential step before, and it is recommended that you try to choose the pine wood material that holds the nail force better.

4.Because the keel is of wood, it is necessary to pay attention to fire prevention. The standard practice is to evenly paint the fireproof paint on the surface of the keel. When the whole keel is white, it is nailed to the wall, which can ensure its contact with the wall. Also brushed into fireproof paint.

5. After fixing the frame of the keel, it is necessary to fix the frame on the wall. At this time, it is necessary to carefully check whether the spacing between the frames is not more than 300 mm to have sufficient fastness. Otherwise, the gypsum board on it easily sinks and breaks.

6. The next step is to officially put up the plasterboard so that the workers can use drywall screws made of stainless steel to fix the gypsum board. Such nails will not rust and the gypsum board will be guaranteed for a long time in the future.

7. The latter stage is the stage of special ceiling molding. The craftsmanship and experience of the workers will directly affect the future appearance. Therefore, the decoration company should be asked to dispatch experienced workers to carry out the construction.

The above is how much a piece of plasterboard that Xiaobian brings to you, and how to install the gypsum board ceiling. Gypsum board itself is very strong, strong sound insulation, moisture-proof effect, is a good choice for ceilings, dripping ceiling even if coupled with a beautiful chandelier will also feel the shortcomings of it! Hope to help everyone.

Living room gypsum board ceiling molding gypsum board gypsum board gypsum board ceiling price

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