What is a curtain box? Which kind of curtain box is better?

October 16, 2020

When it comes to curtain boxes, many people may not understand it. Curtain boxes are important facilities to hide curtain curtains. They mainly serve to modify curtain tracks and avoid light leakage. The curtain boxes are divided into plug-in type, semi-embedded type, and embedded type according to the decoration form. The advantages and disadvantages of different types of curtain boxes are also different. Then do you know what are the benefits of the curtain box ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of curtain boxes? Xiaobian now takes everyone to see the benefits of the curtain box !

External curtain box

The outer curtain box, also called the outer curtain box, as the name suggests, is a curtain box designed above the window, generally to create a raised strip box above the window, which is used to install curtain rollers. Such a curtain box is more decorated in a ceilingless room, or someone who wants a simple style of the curtain box will choose this type of curtain box. It should be noted here that the size of the curtain box needs to be paid attention to when constructing, and its width must be 1-2 inches larger than the window size. If the width of the window is wide, the curtain may not be completely shielded, resulting in light leakage and leaks.

The biggest advantage of the hanging-type curtain box is that it is simple in design and easy to install. Even if there is no ceiling in the house, it can be easily installed and it looks very good.


Half-embedded curtain case

Half-embedded drapes are also the most common type of drapes. The semi-embedded curtain case can be combined with an air conditioner to conceal the pipeline and the hardware rails, as well as increase the overall feeling. The perfect combination of the electrical appliance and the curtain case creates a one-piece effect. It should be noted here that, if the underside of the curtain box is a line zone, it must be closed to avoid visual drop, and to achieve the effect of beautifying and beautifying.

Recessed curtain case

The embedded curtain box is generally only convenient if there is a ceiling. The design of the embedded curtain box must be designed before the ceiling, when the ceiling is suspended, the ceiling is not full, the original room height is reserved at the window, and sufficient space is reserved for the curtain to be used in the curtain. Embedded, the height of the curtain after completion is the same as the height of the house.

The embedded curtain box can make the interior curtains look more tidy and upscale. The curtains that are in line with the floor height also make the interior height look higher. In addition, you can also install indirect lighting to increase the space atmosphere. However, the embedded curtain box has certain restrictions, and it must be installed with a ceiling, and it needs to be designed early. Otherwise, the ceiling installation cannot be completed.

With regard to the benefits of curtain boxes and their related knowledge, Xiao Bian introduced them here. The choice of the type of curtain box will ultimately be determined based on the conditions of your home. For more information, please follow this site!

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