Where does the stench come from? Home pipe must not be easily displaced

October 18, 2020

Mr. Zhang’s home in Pudong, the shower room was moved to the west balcony during the renovation. The entire room did add a lot of space. However, not two weeks after the arrival, there was always a smell in the room, and it was checked to find out that the smell came from the floor drain of this newly installed shower room.

How to eliminate this odor? At the same time when the construction team was found, the supervisor was also invited to the on-site consultation. After viewing and inquiring the construction process of the construction team on site, we found that it was the case:

When the construction team used the balcony as a shower room, they moved the position of the floor drain and changed the original floor drain to the bottom of the shower faucet. In order to save time, this place was leaked into the outlet pipe of another balcony, and even more frustratingly, the underside of the shower room was floor-heated, and under this floor drain, a trap was not installed. As a result, the smell in the ventilation pipe was bad. Qi, constantly spread out through this floor drain, making the whole family smell bad.

The solutions proposed by the supervisors are:

One. The floor drain downpipe still go back to the original real estate sewer up, so that completely solve the real estate toilet pit next to the root of the breathable pipe odor down the issue.

2. Raise the floor of the shower room properly and install a water trap so that the odor from the dirty water in the sewage pipe can be effectively blocked by the trap of the floor drain, so that the shower room will not be sent out again. Any odor.

This case also tells us that the pipeline shifting and falling water treatment must be considered comprehensively and cannot be disposed of arbitrarily. The downspout at home cannot receive the trachea of ​​the real estate, and the downpipe itself must be installed with a trap. The floor drain should use a deodorant floor drain so that the bathroom can effectively eliminate odors and odors.

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