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October 19, 2020

In this era of rapid development of information technology, as people's living standards continue to improve, the pursuit of new things will follow. In the future and the present, the products with multiple elements will be sought after by everyone. Luke smart lock, compared to the traditional lock, Luke smart lock brings innovation like a lock in the iphone.

Luke smart lock features:

Design - remove cumbersome, retain product origin, follow minimalist design aesthetics

Innovative and polished around design, convenience, safety, quality, etc., can be regarded as a model of perfect integration of design aesthetics and black technology. Luke Smart Lock is the first intelligent door lock with double curved surface design and concentric fingerprints. The unlocking speed is as fast as 0.4 seconds. The user can unlock the door by touching the handle instantly. At the same time, Luke Smart Lock has also become the world's first artificial intelligence door lock with fingerprint self-learning technology.


In terms of “value”, Loock Touch meets the pursuit of aesthetics of life in the modern home market, which is far higher than the metal locks and electronic locks currently on the market.

For the first time, the double-curvature screen design was adopted in smart door locks. On the basis of ensuring safety, Luke used a mobile phone manufacturing process to create a door lock. Compared to the current market, most electronic locks use low-cost acrylic materials for graphic design, Loock Touch uses a more difficult hyperboloid screen design, not only meet the design aesthetics and user needs, but also tend to design of electronic consumer products Claim.

In the core fingerprint unlocking design, the concentric fingerprint grip design was adopted for the first time. Compared with the square fingerprint identification module, the circular fingerprint recognition is faster, more accurate, and more comfortable.

The temperature of a lock - making life faster and easier

Traditional fingerprint locks mostly use optical fingerprint chips, which not only have low “face value”, but also have limited optical fingerprint security. Fingerprint stickers can be used to imitate fingerprint unlocking. In addition, in terms of the applicable population, traditional fingerprint locks have always had barriers for the fingerprint recognition of elderly people and children, resulting in restricted use of smart door locks in many homes.

In order to solve users' pain points and improve product safety, Loock Touch added living fingerprint recognition technology and fingerprint self-learning algorithm to the concentric fingerprint handle, and can accurately identify the fingerprints of 8-year-old children to 70-year-old people.

The essence of safety - the safety of people and home is the most critical

Taking into account the users of children or pets at home, Luke Smart also has a child lock to prevent children or pets from pressing down the door to open the door. It also prevents thieves from unlocking through the cat's eyelet technology. In addition, Luke Smart also cooperates with Wukong Insurance and China PICC to solve the worries of users.

If tailgating occurs, LukeSmart can automatically lock the user by pressing the handle down one time. Repeatedly pressing the handlebar to open the lock is no longer effective. The 0.4 second quick unlock also allows the user to quickly enter the house and prevent the bad guys from following. And if kidnapped, the user can also unlock through a specific fingerprint, activate the phone alarm function and notify the family in time to improve the chance of being rescued.

Luke smart door locks provide security while providing convenience. Whether it is violent unlocking or technical unlocking, it has a very strong response capability. When the door lock is subjected to external damage, there are multiple alarm designs. The protection of the user's property safety. Personal feeling, whether in the name of safety or in the name of convenience, Luke smart door locks are a good choice! Luke smart door locks give you a different sense of security, let the change start from the side.

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