Weisha smart lock joining advantage and conditions

October 22, 2020

The rise of the smart home concept gave birth to the rapid development of the smart lock industry. Many investors hope to have a place in the smart lock market, and many companies are faced with a survival crisis in the survival of the fittest. For many people who want to join the smart lock, choosing which brand or company to join is the biggest problem. The following analysis Weisha smart lock's joining advantage and conditions, compare what you want to choose a smart lock to join.

Weisha smart lock joining advantage


1, the preferential policies allow dealers to obtain substantial profits;

2, a strong brand advertising costs;

3, professional CIS image design and store design;

4, vigorously support the decoration of the store;

5, to provide national clothing store staff unified clothing, product model and product display racks and franchise cards, certificates, bronze;

6, regular professional training for franchisees marketing staff.

Weisha smart lock to join conditions


1. Good brand management ability, agreeing with Weisa's business philosophy;

2, there is a long-term sense of brand experience;

3, have enough funds and confidence to ensure the completion of the company's basic sales tasks;

4. Create image stores that meet Visa standards and have a basic network of mature distributors;

5, have certain business management capabilities and team building experience;

6, good after-sales service control ability, independent installation team, timely and proper handling of customer complaints;

7. Having regional market promotion experience in the product industry, it is best to have sales experience of similar products;

8, have a certain professional market, operational management experience and are familiar with the relevant markets and doors and windows and have the relevant information advantages;

9, have a good business reputation, professionalism and personal reputation.

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