Locke intelligent door locks open high quality life for you

October 24, 2020

With the development of science and technology, more people have begun to pay attention to high quality of life, and intelligent products have followed it up. Fingerprint lock can be said to be necessary for every lazy person. Never worry about forgetting to bring your keys. Locke intelligent door locks can help you solve. Give you a different sense of security, let the change start from the side.

Locke smart door lock features

1, bid farewell to the traditional key

Passwords, fingerprints, and ID cards are unlocked, and you no longer have to worry about forgetting your keys.

2. Flood alarm

Locke's door-to-door sensing system responds quickly to the pressure of the fontanelles. The lock locks automatically for 60 minutes, and an alarm is issued to protect the owner's home.

3, living fingerprinting

The high-precision fingerprint head used has added a unique live fingerprint technology, rejecting fingerprint fingerprints and other false fingerprints.

4, all-metal clutch

Locked and unstable to see the clutch, a smart lock is the most likely loss of the clutch, Locke intelligent clutch is made of high-strength alloy material, can greatly extend the service life.

5. Anti-hijacking

When the “alarm fingerprint” is set to be in danger of hijacking, a practical “alarm finger” opens the door and the family receives the alarm at the first time.


6, anti-password violence cracking program

Locke is equipped with a password anti-violence cracking program. A hacker forcibly opens the panel to connect the computer password brute-force cracking program. Locke Lock will let the hacker try and fail 10 times and then automatically lock for 1 minute. It pauses for any unlocking mode in minutes and sends a message to the user. The probability is equivalent to matching our set of passwords that need to be combined hundreds of millions of times, cost 10 million minutes, and hackers really have no way to make smart locks.

7, dual-core processor

Locke dual-chip processor, can make the smart lock processing quickly, safe and reliable. The service life is greatly extended.

8, password anti-peeping

When the user uses the password to open the door, 20 passwords can be arbitrarily added before and after the password to open the door. The system automatically extracts the correct password. At the same time, the security and anti-peeping, even if relatives and friends do not have to use the password, can also avoid the security. .

9, combination lock function

Passwords, fingerprints and IDs can be set to combine the unlock function. After the function is turned on, double authentication is required to unlock, double authentication, and double security.

10, low battery automatic reminder

Lock Lock When the battery power is low, the voice prompts you to replace the battery as soon as possible and send a low-power alarm notification through WeChat. The owner will not suddenly lose power and cannot open the door. Even if the battery cannot be replaced in time, each lock on Locke is equipped with a lock. The USB emergency power jack prevents the battery from turning on when the battery is low.

11, ultra-low energy consumption system

Locke's ultra-low energy consumption system effectively reduces the number of battery replacements.

The progress of the times has led to the development of smart markets. People are increasingly pursuing safer and more convenient lifestyles, and ordinary key locks are gradually being eliminated. Want to save the "with key" trouble, that is to change a "smart door lock." Fingerprint lock opens the door with a key, and it takes only one second to open. There is no need to worry about forgetting to bring a key or losing the key to enter the door. With new fingerprint recognition technology, it's ready to go.

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