90 Miles Smart Lock - What are the advantages of joining the 90 Miles Smart Lock?

October 27, 2020

In the eyes of many dealers and agents, to represent a brand's products, in addition to looking at the brand's own reputation, the quality of the product, but also how much the company holds for the agents, we will introduce you to 90,000. Smart locks in the joining advantage.

Joining the prospect of 90,000 li smart locks

At present, the complex public security situation and social environment have created a huge market for electronic security equipment and security systems. The sales volume of intelligent security products is in a period of rapid growth. In countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, the market share of electronic locks and intelligent security system products has exceeded 60%. However, at home, smart security system products have not received widespread public attention! The blank market needs the industry leader.


Join the advantages of 90,000 li

1, the profit model is not single, online and offline synchronization. Manufacturers manage online for you, directly transfer orders to offline dealers, profit distribution!

2, no wiring, no indoor machine, just a worker to install half an hour, installation costs, maintenance costs, time costs, save at least two-thirds of the cost of capital!

3, only recruit one agent in the same area

4, relevant channel information, the headquarters continues to provide

Nine thousand miles smart lock as a company based on research and development, the pursuit of excellence in the product, in the treatment of franchisees policy, but also support plus preferential treatment, if you want to join the 90,000 intelligent lock, just leave a message in the article below !

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