Smart infrared camera FAQ: image color cast

October 28, 2020

In the process of using intelligent infrared cameras, some users may have encountered image color cast problems. Today we have a brief discussion on this issue, I hope that you can help you solve the image color cast problem when you encounter such problems.

Why does it cause image color cast?
All black and white cameras are infrared sensitive. In the visible light condition, infrared light is a kind of stray light for color cameras, which will reduce the sharpness and color reproduction of color cameras. The smart camera uses CCD to sense all the light (visible light, infrared light, ultraviolet light, etc.), which causes the image taken during the day to be very different from the image produced by our naked eye only by visible light. Since the CCD senses infrared light, it will Interference with the operation of the DSP, resulting in color cast.
Intelligent infrared camera
Intelligent infrared camera image color cast problem solution:
A large number of technologies have been developed in the industry for the color cast of infrared camera surveillance images. Currently, there are three main ways to solve this problem.
1. By debugging the RGB tone on the CCD for DSP processing, this method does not cure the problem, and not every manufacturer has such chip processing capability;
2. Switch through the filter, filter all the infrared filters during the day, and trim the light with a regular quartz plate at night;
3. By changing the model, the IRCUT camera is replaced by a dual CCD infrared camera, which can also increase the life of the infrared camera while ensuring no color cast during the day.

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