Lead wire cage net weaving process machinery and labor gap

October 31, 2020

Weaving method of lead wire cage net: Weaving method of lead wire cage net:
The lead wire cage mesh weaving method is mechanically produced and hand-woven.
The hand weaving speed is slow, the mesh is not uniform, and it is not suitable for mass production.
The machine produces woven mesh with uniform mesh, high speed and high efficiency. It is 50 times of artificial weaving and can be mass-produced. The lead wire cage produced by Buxin Stone Cage Network Factory is made of double-stranded hexagonal metal mesh woven by advanced machinery and equipment at home and abroad. The diameter of the steel wire can reach 2.00mm-4.00mm. In order to improve the structural strength of the cage, each cage is divided into an interval of about 1M on average, and in the weaving process of each lead wire cage mesh, the diameter of the edge wire is smaller than that of the stranded weft. The double wire is thickened with a wire number of one specification to improve the firmness of the mesh.
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